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XxBrianaBearxX's blog

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I just realized how lonley it is when no one adds you on your first day back on here. I should have expected it though since I made a new account and all. Anyways, I really just got bored and decided to say something random about how I've gotten not one friend request yet. Soooo....ya I'll be back on tomorrow to see if anyone accepted or requested friendship with my weird self. Lol anyways night everyone and stay strong you gorgeous little killjoys cx

Kinda mad

So....I'm really mad at my friends right now. Today everyone besides me was in a bitch mood. (Excuse my language) I don't sleep very well since I have insomnia, but even though I NEVER sleep good I don't just have a grumpy attitude about everything and to everyone. All they did today was complain about evrything! I also have one of these friends that likes to be a "fake" emo I guess you could say where she does shit to get attention.

I Cant Belive It....

I cant believe its been so long since I got back on MCR site. I acctually forgot my password for the other account lol. I had to make another. Anyways. How's everyone???