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My new tattoo!

This is my new MCR tattoo. It is on the top of my right foot. Let me know what you guys think =]

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I finally got around to doing something with my hair

It's faded a little now. But I still love it. It's just dark brown, but still.

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I Don't Celebrate Valentine's Day

Why do I have to use this day to show my significant other that I love them? I have 364 other chances, I can just show them how much I love them every day of the year. Why is this one so special?

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If any of you guys could help...

Does anyone here fluently speak Finnish? I'd love to learn how to speak Finnish. Please let there be one of you who can teach me. I'll love you forever if you can help!

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Last Night

I saw Three Days Grace, Shinedown, and P.O.D. IT WAS AMAZING. P.O.D was kinda lame but everything else was fantastic. The pyrotechnics were phenomenal and wow. Matt Walst filling in for Adam Gontier was surprisingly good. Wonderful show. Catch them on this tour if you can, guys.

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What should I do?

So, my best friend and I have been friends since we were 13, (we'll both be 20 this year), He lives 400 miles away, but that hasn't really stopped us from being friends. Recently, he's been alienating himself from me and his family, he has barely texted me lately. I'm getting worried about him. He used to go through phases where he'd say he didn't want me in his life and then come back 6 months later, he hasn't done this in almost 3 years now. I want to help him. My friends have told me to give him some space and let him come to me. I'm worried that he'll forget about me. He's my best friend, I can't let this happen. I have a promise to him inked in my arm that says he's not alone. I just don't know. I've been so depressed lately over a bunch of different stuff and its like I don't have anyone to talk to almost.


I appreciate everything. I love all of you guys.

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So, long story short... my friends suck. Anyone wanna be email penpals? I've always wanted someone to send actual emails to. Especially someone from another country.

Message me :D

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Warm Bodies

It was amazing, better than what I expected! I got a free poster and everything.

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We had like an inch of snow today. Enough to really mess with the roads and all of that.

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Today was pretty lame >.>