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oh... MCR back yet?

Bringing this back...
^^ Toro <3

I love Ray, so much, I don't think people realize that after My Chemical Romance's first CD came out Gerard kinda wanted to quit, he completed his goal, but Toro would not let him do that, and helped Gee change his mind! ^^ For that I think Mr. Toro ^^


Toro spam for today.
Hope you enjoy! ^^


Toro spam for today.
Hope you enjoy! ^^

Atomic Explosion

Is searching for Atomic Explosion!


ATTENTION ALL My Chemical Romance FANS
On December 26th (before if you can't make it) we will all watch Na Na Na in honor of the greatest band ever’s glory. Let's give them the best present ever: the highest viewed video on YouTube!! Let's give them what they deserves and what Justin Bieber does not deserve to have!
Copy and paste to all My Chemical Romance videos and all music videos let's get this noticed quickly!

Im not Okay(I promise)

Ive been cring uncontrolably for the last past...ummm...since Feb. because of somthing that happedn with my family, and now everyone has seprated me from my father, I miss him :( (It should be ileagal for anyone to split up a family) do you think it is normal to cry so much???
I mean like dude I cried during avatar last night, I cry when I listen to MCR(always have really) and I..I...I..Cried when I last watched Big Time Rush(when James mom missed him and stuff) what do you people I ok???


So I just had to dicect a frog, he was hug, but I though it would be like a grose and stuff but it turned out to be actually kinda fun!


JUJU is my bestest friend right now. i love her sooooo much cuz shes sooo fucking fabulous.... shes like... idk AMAZING! and i'm kinda sad we're not ever graduating, cuz then i will have to see her everyday next year(shes stuck with my hyper cracker butt)... *sad* anyway! i love you JUJU!