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my new year has started with my best friend.... lol i look stupid on purpose... man i look bad ....:D more will be added :DDDDD

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Oi I might b crazy

Soo I drew on my tummie nd wrote mcr all over it, had fun though, lol me nd my friends do stupid things together. Ummm here's a link to see the picture, lol ohh nd imma make a video about mcr with my Friend.. Any ideas on what I should say??


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Oi why not me [>..<]

Okk so everyone on here seems to have a killjoy name nd some backround to go with it. If it was possible I was wondering if I could join the awesomeness. . . . But I wouldn't know what to be called or some hella cool story like others
I don't want it to seem like I'm some lil girl tht has to be in everyones way, yeah I'm not normat, bt I'm not a bitch.
So help me yeah??

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So I have a new hamster, I named her tat. She is so cute, here is a link to my tumblr, because I can't use the picture thing in here.

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I have a confession that I just don't know how to tell my parents...... Everyone at my school knows and it's one of the first things I tell people, but with family it's a lot harder. It just doesn't feel rite if I try to bring it up.
How can I tell my brother that when he leaves I'm never going to be who I am rite now, he has made everything I am now.
I just feel so empty thinking about it.

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The boy and the boat

These are some poems I wrote and if I should change anything to make it sound better please help me C:

•The Boy And The Boat
Onced lived a boy
Who loved his little boat
Everyday he sailed on the seas
And people called him The boy with he boat
But when the boat broke
So did the boy
The boat had a hole
And so did the boy
Soon the boat filled with water
And the boy started to sink
After that he was the boy and the boat.

•Prettie Black Tree
Late everyday
Came a man, with a big black horse
Surching for the one he loved
And carried them off
Into a little black tree
Everyday people would weep
For they would be next
To go live inside a tree
With the correction "why"
Inside the prettie black tree.

Your help would be really appreciated ^..^

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This sucks

Okk so mcr needs to make a good free app for the iPad, it can't be all shitty lik greenday. Oi u should follow me on twitter nd tumbler

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Ughhh people!!

Sometimes I think ppl are pissing me off just because it's fun to do. >:(

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Vote vote vote

me and my friend are voting for mcr lik theirs no tomorrow. i trying to get everybody too at my school

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Poems are easy, Goodbyes are tough

If change is the way to go, then change it will have to be.Love was gained, and hearts were broken, i'll never forget the friendship, or the crazy things that happened. And do what's best for me, is what I need to do, even if, in the end, it ends up breaking you. No matter how far apart, no ditch is too wide, you guys will always have a place in my heart, that I will never let die. -Aria DeMarco :')