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Goodnight, pleaseee try to be here when I wake up killjoys ^_^

Goodnight killjoys, I can't wait for tomorrow so I could blog more crazy ideas, awkward moments, and other stuff:)
TIIGERLILLY signing out for tonight!

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Help, my brain had a blowout of an awesome idea (well my moms) ^_~

So today I was talking to my mom and the topic birthday came up. She asked me what I wanted to do for a theme ( yes I'm going to be 15 but no ones to old for a theme, that makes the party more interesting) I stood there thinking, and my mom said "what about a my chemical romance theme?" in a vary joking voice that also sounded sarcastic.
I stood there thinking. . .my chemical romance? . . . I though it was the best idea ever. But then I thought. . . What era?? The black parade? - everyone having black makeup and or a skull makeup on-
. . . Three cheers?? - guns and blood and a lot of black and red- no way, I would have to push for that one.
. . . Dangerdays?. . . -Masks, bright colors, killjoys, creative clothing and background story-. . . . . .
Uhhhhhh this is so tough, I need help. -mentally-
Grrr. how about a vote?

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Killjoy Bio:

Killjoy Profile
name: Tiigerlilly
age: 14
appearance: 5"3" dark brown hair, blue or green eyes, skinny. Usually has a dog with me. Olive skin color. Heavy black eyeliner and sometime has an X on my lips.
clothes: plain white blouse with spattered red paint on it, short red plad skirt, torn fishnets, knee high convers with buckles on them. Has a messenger bag with me at all times.
weapons: black and red pocket knife with two blades, black and white striped laser gun. Has three years in boxing and likes a good fight.
mask: plain black that covers half of my face with silver spots in a line going across and down to the middle of the mask.
colors: red, black, white
skills: can easly get close to people, sometimes over reacts to little things, can fit in tight places so it's easy to sneak important files or people out of buildings. isn't afraid to kill people

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Pass the message on :) reblog too

Hello, this is a signing by you killjoys for my chemical romance to see. to show just how many lives they are saving. im sure they would love to hear(: so sign your killjoy and real name if these are ACTUALLY true statements for you. im sure MCR will be moved<3
-MCR has ACTUALLY saved my life
-they have helped me get through hard times or depression
-i will and am i fan for life
-i know every word to every song
-i have seen you live and cryed and was moved
-your music has changed my life is more ways than one
-the one thing i want to do before i die is meet My Chemical Romance

thankyou for signing i think this is a good way to show they My Chem guys just how much they have done for us(:
remember the more signatures the more MCR will pay attention to it ;)
1.) Scott Hanamoto (Shadow Raven)
2.) Sophie S. (Lightning Rose)
3.) Jaici Shiemke (Midnight Angel)
4.) Marvin Thompson (Lazy Blade)
5.) Sophie Fisher (Silent Sunset)
6.) Eternity Nozewski

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Morning *gives random high fives*

Good morning all of my fellow killjoys, it's 9:12 here in the middle of no where.
I hope everybody had a good day and even though life is going to through nasty shit at you and u seem to be drenched in someones else's crap, just remember that there will always be someone to wash your clothes when u need it. If its here on the web, or your dog at home, remember your never alone. Well just wanted to say something meaningful. I hope this makes u feel better :D
*more random high fives*

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Part 2 om our stupidness

This is part too of your dumass, this is a lot funnier than the first one. Lol watch and like please
But if u don't that's okk too :D

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yep, i was just being normal. . . well normal for being me. i guess they really don't understand me. sigh

well whatever, im home alone now so im using my moms computer because i hate my ipad. im so bord, everybody on here writing a storie is awesome because it gives me something to read :D so thank you. and most of it was really good :DD
heres a pic of me. . . when i was younger. man im bord. . . ummm
im hungry, but the food is all the way in the kitchen. heyyy my cats awake. . oh nevermind hes sleeping again, i wish i could do that.
omg is it raining?? its so cute how my hamster thinks he can go in his wheel, and go somewhere else. just adorible :D
oh well i guess ill go. . . no wait!!! IM STILL BORD!! AHHHHHHHHHAAA!!!!! sigh

me in my friend lizzy at six flags for the 8th grade exit field trip
okk im really gong now ---- IS THAT WHIP CREAM ISEEE IN MY REFRIGERATOR!!!
okk really this time BYE!!! :D

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Writers block D:

Well I'm writing this story and I'm at a point where idk Wht to write. It's a bitch, my storie is called how to end a beautiful life.
I havnt desited yet if I want it to be associated with danger days, or make it something else... Anyways just thought I'll share

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hey look at me rocking out,im on the video

this a vid me nd my friend just made. . . we were being stupid on purpose. oh and we have 0 veiws because we suck
lol so check it out if u wanna get to know us a lil better
im ariia and thats my friend skye

u can see the video at TIIGERLILLY LAnE :D... by skyebradle777

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ME and my friend have made up a new was of comuicating so no one knows what we are saying

EXAMPLE: my 56c41h3em51ic5al 2ro5ma1nce2
What5 it says : my chemical romance

EXAMPLE; i21 l5ove5 b69oobies6969*369
what it says i love boobies

see noone can read i because theres letters AND Numbers so they will be all like '' wtf''
nd now we can kill all the bad guys without them knowing our [plains.

. . . . . .KI5LL152O13Y 1TI6969G6ER69LILL2Y 5OU1T2