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Back to the way things were

Now that the band breaking up has become old news, the community blogs are back to the old way they were.
Although I am noticing more people posting (just by how quickly the page refreshes to new posts now).
That's it I guess
So enjoy this image of Dewees face

Now, where's Ray?
I haven't been on in over a year, but in times of crisis...

It's been a wonderful long road, these past 10 years listening to My Chemical Romance. If this truly is the end though, there isn't much we as the fans can do.

Controversies have been flying, but truth of the matter is if you look hard enough at anything you can see what you wish. Whether or not this is the end of the road for the band, hold strong. Yes, it sucks, but we have to trust in their decision and continue onward. Carry on, and don't forget about the band just because it ended, all good things must come to an end, and this has been a wonderful ride.

To honor 12 years of the band's

my mcr bag is from the BULLETS era *.*

I was listening to cubicles on my iPod, bored I began to study the 'I brought you my bullets, you brought me your love album cover. I have had this my chem bag for, maybe 5 years. Before that it was my older sisters. So i knew it was old and that they didn't make them anymore. I never really connected the upside down hangman as the album cover for some reason. When studying the album cover I saw, on the right half of the cover where it is like scratchey orange and white a gray design/figure thing. It was kind of in the shape of the straight jacket hangman. It looked familiar.

Not being offensive (here it probably won't be taken offensive anyway) but if you weren't aware back in 2006, huge thanks to the daily mail, my Chem was being labelled as an emo-suicide cult and everyone in the MCRmy suicidal emos. Today at school my best friend gave me a paper she made with a picture of my Chem and some inspiring lyrics from some of my favorite MCR songs. We both got pulled out of line at school heading to lunch by guidance.

We were asked if we planned on killing ourselves.