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I think I got over anxious to learn some bass and transitioned too quickly.
My wrist fucking kills so bad. Hopefully it dies down, but ouch man. I can only play for like 5 minutes without it hurting for 2 hours afterward.
((what am I going to do for the gig when we'll be playing for much longer than 5 minutes)) ((yes this is a problem))

Are you ready?

Here's the set list for our gig in August.
Gig+29 songs+massive amounts of stage fright= "I hope the crowd likes projectile vomit" (-Nikki Sixx)
The set is going as follows:
The Muster's theme song
99 Revolutions (Green Day)
The Anthem (Good Charlotte)
A Hard Day's Night (The Beatles)
The Middle (Jimmy Eat World)
Walking Alone (Green Day)
*Famous Last Words (My Chemical Romance)
You're Not The Boss (They Might Be Giants)
I Think I Love You (David Cassidy)
Redundant (Green Day)
Thnks Fr Th Mmrs (Fall Out Boy)
Viva La Vida (Coldplay)
Maggie Mae (The Beatles)
You've Got To Hide Your Love

We have 3 months

I'm angry. My band has their first gig in August and I keep getting sickness flares.
Practice was at 5 pm. By 5:35 I had to call for a ride home.
Over the weekend I'm going to be starting a new regiment that should help, but until it kicks in I'm going to continue being disappointed with myself.

They got rid of the chair I sleep in

At my school, the math wing has a lab that is never in use. And in that lab is a big arm chair, which I used to skip class and sleep in.
I think I got caught one too many times though because they keep locking the lab and got rid of my chair.
This sucks.
So now I just hide in there and draw whatever I see. It just so happens "whatever I see" amounts to my leg and sketch book.
(please do not judge my poor art skills) (I also only worked on it for a handful of minutes) (shh)

I don't know man.

It's been a shitty... while.
It feels like my friend has found a replacement for me at her new school, my girlfriend (boyfriend?) and are "taking a break" (I don't know, is that a kind way of saying "we're breaking up?"), my stomach is acting up and making everything hurt. I have no apatite, which I suppose comes in handy since everyone keeps fighting and breaking the dishes anyway.
I've lost all motivation, especially music wise. Which is delightfully handy since my band has their first gig soon.
I don't know man, life's just got me down pretty good again.

Just your average trip to the hospital

The lady who took my blood probably thinks I’m a fucking masochist; I was smiling to myself when she put the needle in my arm.

It’s because on the way to the lab I saw ponchos hanging in the gift shop window



Now available-the chance to take my place on thursday

So on Thursday I have a massive algebra test, then I go right from school to the doctors. I have to get a physical, get forwarded to a GI specialist (since my old one retired and my stomach is a piece of shit that decided to start bleeding?) then to top off that, I have to get blood work because my hormone levels are fucked and it keeps making me sick.
So yes, anyone, anyone out there who is available on Thursday, please take my place because I really don't want to.

This war inside your head
Is something you cannot hide.
Trapped inside yourself
Thoughts that will not die.

We're lost in this world
And lost to ourselves

something something something, I suck at poetry anyway. Never mind, oops.

Can I just point something out?

I really love the rules on the side of this website.
Also, please tell me I'm not the only one who noticed the Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure reference? Be excellent to each other and party on dudes?
Reason 804 to love this band.

It's pretty bad

I've been obsessively humming the rhythm of Teenagers for the past two weeks, and I'm getting on my own nerves.
Curses, why did I have to start learning that song? Now it won't leave.
Quite frankly, it's about as annoying as the face of our local weather man (pictured to the right)
That's pretty bad.