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reblog this message from wherever you read it on any site at all, so if she goes online at all, she will see our message. please go along with this idea, I really want lonestar to see that we care. use, here, facebook, twitter, tumblr, deviantart, message it to her, just get this across to her, so she WILL see it, and know we care about her, and that she has soooo much to live for. it's been too long without her, she needs to return to the zones!! also add your killjoy name to the bottom of this blog when you reblog, so she can see how many people care. :)

xxx we love you lonestar xxx

is anyone feeling sad??

I feel really peaceful all of a sudden, and I wanna know is everybody else okay?? coz I know I probably ask too much, but helping other people is the only way I feel better as well, so tell me if you feel sad and i'll tell you a bedtime story :)
ps. the word verification thing was hiv po5 ... is it trying to tell me something??

New account!!

hello my awesome little killjoys, this is my new account just for helping people out who feel sad or upset or angry or maybe just need someone to talk to. i'm still going to be using my old account, XxstraightjacketxX , but i'm also going to check this account about five times a day. if anyone wants to speak not on this site also, I have an email address set up specifically for this account, called if anybody wants to use that.