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i cleened 4, 7hours straight today O.o

yeah me and my grandma cleened the living room and dining room. like we had to go through every thing and what not. we wouldent have took soo long if my lil bro and sis wernt lil demons that dont have any Respct at all and screams no in your face if u tell them to do some thing my lil bro is 8 and my lil sis is 10. so yeahhhh

ok i cant wate 4 christmas

Why because my mom is geting me a vidio camra and a good 1 at that its like 240$ and a straightjacket.
Why cuz im gonna get fabric paint and me and my best freind are gonna paint it and take some sweet ass pics with it on. and with the vid camra i will get to make you tube vids of my art my singing and i will get to make a vlog with me and my bff and orther ppl that are crazy ass freaks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yup

i think my mcr cd got kidnaped

i think some one stloe my black parade cd they left the case but took the disk i think i know who did it prob the same person who stloe my cell phone that fucking dush bag why would u steal my fucking My Chemical Romance cd what would gerard frank mikey and ray say about this shit i think i should hunt this bastard down and beat them with my brass knuckles mothafucka lol but im not jokeing i might end up in jail wish me luck lol


my dog just ate a shoe so i had to get it from him and i just choughed up some green mucus it was nasty yeah im sick my bff got me sick but its ok my mom tryed to pop my boobs with a pin (im in a 34 dd) i hate it my family messes with me about it all the time omg my dog licked my face now im all slimy yuck ~wipes face with shirt~ soooooooooooooooooooooooo yeah now my dog stole a pen lol

i love comments

why cuz i love knowing orther ppls 2 sense that i have never even met in my life soocomment any thing to me or send me a message about any thing i dont care what the fuck it is just do it if u wanna

im super hyper

ok i love zombies vampires and bla bla bla bla i love mcr i love thickahhhh my dog just licked my face ewwwe thick black eyeliner and red eye shadow i love lip peircings guys with longish black hair i love gay ppl ps my dad is gay no joke i love skin tight black skiny jeans skin tight band shirts thick black rimmed glasses i love studded belts i love spiky collars no im not a dog i love music sand art and black nail polish and wow im psychotic oh my mom is getin me a straytjacket i spelled that wrong oh welll ahhhh my dog tryed to eat me ps my dog is a big ass beast that will tear ur ass

i love gerard

ok i dont wanna sound like a stupid teeny bopper cuz im not. I just love Gerard not because he is gorgeous motherfuckin angel that fell from the fuckin sky. I love him cuz he is a funny, sweet, deep,oh and a crazy ass hole (Just 4 u gerard) loving person from what i know from tv the computer cds and stuff like that.

hey hey

well i just got back from councleing about a half hour ago.
i was up all night with panic attacks and what not.
i lost 5lbs which im happy about.
im sick right now i dont know what excatly is wrong with me but i think is cuz i havent been sleeping verry well at all and my mother wont let me take sleeping pills.
so yeah bord as hell at home alone which is awesome.
im gonna get my hair bleached then im gonna get a bunch of diff colored extensions.
that in the middle of trying to convince my mom to let me get my lip peirced and im failing badly at that lol so yeah its all good in the hood

oh i forgot

well one thing i hate is when people have to ask me whats the name of the freakin way i dress it is ANNOYING and if u want to know its Cyber/Rave and i have raved b4 despite my age and im 14 if you wanted to know. thank yo and btw sorry im n a bad mood XP

ugh ok people just dont understand exspecaly my mom

Ok any thing i say and or do my mom has to be a bitch about it.
I say sorry for some thing, she yells at me and says no ur not. sorry means u won't do it again even if i really do mean it and im crying my fucking eyes out about it she still says it.
Or if my lil bro or sis says or dose something mean or stupid, she looks at me and says oh maybe they learned it from someone or yeah she/he learned it from Taylor.
Ok to any thing she (my lil sis) says and or dose thats stupid and or mean i get blamed for it Or if she is bein a lil bitch i get yelled at for it not her.