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soo nervous for school to start

yeah i havent gone back yet i dont go back untill the 7th but tonight is open house to get my classes sooo yeah see i hope i have classes with my freinds and lunch cuz last school year i had to eat lunch by my self and that i had no classes with any one i got along with so i was knowen as the freaky "Goth" "emo" girl that draws allthe time (which upset me cuz i hate the lable emo and goth is a life style and im neather) sooo yeah upsetting. well i love you all

i got to go pee but i dont wanna get up

yeah that just says it all i just dont wanna get up cuz im tired and my stepdad want me to watch this stupid soap opra for him its called days of our lives he left and he want me to tell him what happens its so stupid its just a tv show its not like their real ppl and real issues just my 2 sense lol i love you all
XOXOXOXOXO luv taylor


Well im back from the chiropracter well to turns out that my spine is curving the wrong way but thats ok cuz we can get it fixed by going 2 every week and my back feels wonderful lol but any who.
my life is ok u

ok oh my fucking god my lil bro is a retard

oh sorry bout the title i was geting ready to put im nervous but my lil bro had to spill lemonaid all over the couch why cuz hes a retard.

ok BOYS ARE JERKS (u gotta click on it to see all of it sorry)

Yes. Boys are jerks. Why you may ask. Well heres why.
Ok last night i called my boyfreind cuz he nver calls me or txts me or any thing. (i dont own a cell phone but he can call or txt my parents cells.) But any who he puts it on speaker phone while he talks to his big bro , txts orther ppl and when i try to tell him some thing its what or, thatscool or why,and when i try to tell him im depressed and upset and no 1 understands me hes like why so i try to tell him and hes like i love you but thats a lie.
he never calls or txt he hangs out with these hot ass girls all the time
but i like

am fucking hyper

just yeah i just got hyper all of a sudden now im not.
well yeah omg i made this freaking awesome mcr hoddie (i bought a white hoddie) and got fabric markers and glow in the dark fabric paint and dezined it it looks awesome. i wish i had a freaking web cam i would show yall but i dont.
sooo yeah oh im a awesome ass artest i love to dezine my own clothes and stuff cuz it makes me diff and no 1 else has the same as me.


Ok my grandma went to band night for champion ohio high school last night.
and she was like Taylor you would have liked the champion band i was like why she was like they played My Chemical Romance Welcome to the black prarade and i was like wow thats freaking awesome i mean thats just awsome how manny times do you hear something like that a high school freaking band played mcr for a band night well just thought to let the mcrarmy to know about that

ok my summer was wasted

all summer i had to baby sit no pay (lil bro and sis). had to go to their football and cheerleading practices puting up with annoying ppl. church on wendsday but i get see my bff ive been grounded at least 7 times all summer i get sick alot during the summer i dont like the sun it bothers me i dont like bugs just yeah i only got to see my boyfreind once but thats because he lives in a diff town. me and my bio. dad has benn fighting alot to the point i have a protection oder agenst him just u get the point

um my computer has a virus and i need help

uh ok i know nothing about computers but im shure alot of u do sooo what do u do i told my parents they got most of it out but it wont let me sign on to youtube T.T i love youtube its my music site

WTF MCR u got to click on it to see all of it

OK I WAS JUST ON WICKIPEDIA and on my chemical romance and i was reading about their new album and it saud that gearad said at the comic con "On July 23, 2010, during San Diego Comic-Con 2010 Gerard Way announced that the band has finished recording the 4th studio album"
Ok why hasent it been anounced yet. but it did say "On April 11, 2010 on Twitter, Gerard Way announced that the album title will be announced in "a special way this time.