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i dont get why .....

i dont get why in ,almost every blog i read some one says something about cutting. it bugs me. i understand, i've been there dont that, and still struggle with it at times. but a little advise from me to those who do cut. when you feel like doing it take a few deep breaths think about what your doing and the out come. keep a distance from sharp objects. write in a journal draw a picture listen to a song call a freind do something.. and when your ready. tell a trusted adult and get help i know thats eaisr said then done. but you will be glad you got help.
well i love you guys.

ex-boyfreinds lies and more

about a month ago i competly ended a very bad realtionship that had lasted for almost 10 months.
longstory short he competly lied to me fucked me over etc. it was bad. i even changed my phone number because of him (also my dad but thats anotherstory)
but i think the point im trying to get at. is all that time i've wasted with him every kiss every moment every word. was nothing but lies and wasted time. and i wanna say i miss him but who am i trying to fool. but all that wasted time. and how he had abused me.

liveing in my imagination

i live in my imagination
to ease the pain
the big move is soon
and the pain will go away they say
for tomarrow is a brand new day

wow i havent been on this site in almost 2 years

well hello all. i remember when i would be on this site every hour on the hour... (i geuss one can say i was a lilttle fan girl lol) alot has changed with me and life. but i have honestly always loved mcr in all of it. and its alright that i have "growen' up and changed cuz change is okay..
well bye

OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE NEW CD IS COMING im so happy i hopeit dosent suck the album cover is makeing me a lil uneasy because im an Anachey (ist) i hope its not all patritoic and crap but any who im tottaly hypeed lol i had a good day at school today just got back like 55mins ago.

The Start Of A New Chapter In My Life

Well my boyfreind broke up with me last night in a txt message (he wanted to do it person but he never had the chance to). Gosh i just feel numb like it hasent happend but, monday at school its gonna hit hard like a bullet in my chest. We were together for 10 months and some odd days. i really liked him (i thought i loved him but i was wrong) i still do but it expalins why he has been acting like a jerk latly its gonna be akward. but right now im in a good mood watching That 70's Show on teen nick its funny as hell. well i love you all

why is it milatary time

but no really why is it? is it one of the "clues" for the new album or just the wat they made the web site well now i am going to have to learn milatary time lol


OK today i left school early why coz im sick ass hell (im sittin here with a hot cup of tea wraped up n a blanket).
Tuseday was the when school started [its hell].Having guy trobles tooo sick to talk about it. IM PUMPED about the new album i would be runnin up and down my street singing all of mcrs songs at the top of my lungs but I feel like shit.
My mom thinks Chris Angel is demonic i laughed at her and told her he's a fraud.
I HATE my life i feel ugly and fat (even thoe im not)
im thinking about starting my own biz.
iam a artest and i will by all white converse and vans jeans and t

Well Lets Just See What Happens About Tonight

ok im trying to see if i can go to the skaeing rink tonight with my bestfreinds one last time b4 school starts back up i love the skateing rink i dont skate but its more like a night club (or a huge dance party) for teenagers (lol gerard would get the shit scared outa him) but thirs alot of "goth" kids their and its alot of fun its every friday from 6pm to 11:30pm they play all kinds of awesome music and every thing sooo yeah now i have Teenagers stuck in my head. i love you all
ps owwe my lil brother just threw his football helmet at my ankle and now its


Why because i went to my schools open house last night to get my classes and i have 3 out of 6 classes with them im not shure about lunch but im pretty shure i will have lunch with em so yeah luv ya. im happy now and not as stressed out.
oh and i talked to my boyfrreind kyle he still likes me alot (more like loves me) but he is just really depressed right now.