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well its a long story. last night i went to my old youth group i dont go no more because im not christain. and my exboyfreind was there i dident quite expect that. and at the end i was saying good bye to every one its a small youth group mayb 20 teens at the most and im freinds with every one so u was giveing hugs and final good byes. and well heres a poetic journal entry about it.
*He embraced me tight one last time and said even though you might hate me he huged ,e even tigher and wisperd in my ear i'll always love you...
At that seccond every stich in my heart ripped open leaveing my heart

full kill joy mode

i fucking love my chemical romance! just saying,
and im on full kill joy mode! haha i even painted and drew a pic of gereard. lol i should post em soon

MY NERVOUS DANCE?!! and who called my name? lol

just some random pics of me xP

finals today! and the guy i like called me hot!

well im supposed to be doing finals rigth now in digital photograhy, but we don't have to take a test in this class so alll we have to do is make a folder of out personal best photos . in which im still working on but isen't due till next thursday. so i have about an hour left in this class and i've been in here for about an half hour already.
and OMG! this guy that i find very attractive (in which he knows) was in gym class with me last pd. and as the bell rang he gave me a hug and said i don't know if this helps at all but i think your Hot too! I WAS LIKE AHHHHH on the inside.
and to give

food fights and a police officer in the class room o.o

welll the seniors had a food fight today. (last day 4 them) they got into lots of fucking trouble and any underclass men who were in it (throwing food) are suspended. wow!
and now there is a PIG in the classroom trying to arrest this kid hes runnig around the class room saying i just wanna talk!!!!! well then.
my school is bad

the akward moment when.......

the akward moment when you chace down your senoir freind in class for a hug and your laughing so hard you fall flat on your ass and contine laughing for the next 3 mins. untill you have an asthma attack. lol
AND OMG FINALS NEXT WEEK IM GONNA DIE !!!! nah im gonna do alright.
last night i went to bed arounf 10:30 in my room. i woke up around 12:30 1:oo am down stairs in my livieng room COVERD IN BLOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was freaking out untill i reaised i had a bloody nose and must have slept walked down stars (i have donnie darko moments lol)

sooo in english ...... also boyfreinds and moveing

lol english class was fun today, why? well becausee i was sitting with the "nerds" andn we were talking about comic books and shit lafmo! it was awesome.
i have 15 days of school left (OH NO FINAL EXAMS) also i startredd dateing this guy about a month ago and now that were dateing i dont have major feelings for him. like i thought i liked him alot but when we started dateing it seems diffrrent. idk
also i have 9 weeks left in ohio! texas here i come! lol
when i move and get settled and meet people i wanna start a band! and go some where with it.
its been a major dream of mine.


MY BFF IS COMEING DOWN FROM MASSICHUTTES (if i spelled that right) o.o but yes he is comeing down from there to ohio for his sons 1st b-day (so they can have his first b-day where he was bourn) wow a year goes by fast, but anywhoooo im sooooo excited1 he wants to hang out. cuz it will probbally be the last time i ever c him. cuz im moveing to texas.
and my freind derrick thought i was happy because mayb i got some buns o.o
well luv ya bye!

(btw im a bad speller)

sooooo the other night

the other night saturday i do belive it was i went to go see the american pie reunion, and well it was funny as hell, and to top off the one scene where stiffler shits in the teenagers ice cooler full of beer. and they get chaced down by the angry teens. NA NA NA was playing. lol i about busted a nut laughing. (may i mind you i was in the movie theature as well) ah it was great.
also keep a friend of mine kevin vadas in your thoughts he had taken his life this past tuseday.
and also if any one has any argurements on Gay marrige, for it or against it.

^_^ i iz at school! xP

yup im at school last period. digital photograpy. i only have about 20 mins left in calss. lol im happy the school dosent block this site.
im extreamly bored. the most interesting thing that some one asked me to day was if i knew how to excersise a demon out of some one. which i dont know. and my freind was pretty shocked that i dident know. (understandable if you knew me personally) lol
im hair dident want to go up today. (no mohalk today fohalk what ever)