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MORE Luxferre Navaeh!! salvation in the dark

Lyrics -

Our call to the doubted, unique, and imperfect
Misunderstood dreamers who seek something more
If you're at the end of your rope tie a knot and hang on
To our invitation if you choose to except it
To stand united by all of our demons
If you turn your backs on us you better keep walking

We've become more than they could ever be
A perfect shining limitless ten in potential
No more pain, no more loss, no more tears
We've found our salvation here in the dark

We are the ones who give it all and never up
We are brothers and sisters who refuse to be broken
If we fall seven times we're

Luxferre Navaeh

check this out. this is a local band from Cleveland Ohio. also both member's Brandon Duncan (vocalist) and Brett Sutton are good friends of mine Brandon used to be allot more closer then you can imagine...
but listen love them follow them. they are awesome!! i love them! i miss them too. but share their music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aweh this is cute

aweh i like this vid

the world is ugly

i wonder when people walk past me do they think wow shes beautiful? do all the time but when i look in the mirror i don't always see the beauty that's me, and when i walk though the halls and i see the 6 ft tall long legged blondes i feel even more self conscious then before, i think to my self no wonder why i only get the freaks i have nothing compared to those girls why cant i see my beauty and be confident with what i have? sure i have big breasts. but is that all they see? i wonder if they see more then that of me?
I wonder . . .
i miss my dad dearly i miss my best friend i hope the world


ambulance and Gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so aweosme!!!
I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! MCR 4 EVER!!!!! will never hide my shame!!!!!!!!
gerard mikey frank and ray!!!!!!!!! you guys are so awesome!!

looked like fun

xHad beer
[ ] Smoked an entire cigarette
[ x] Done drugs.
[x ] Written on a bathroom wall.
[ ] Read a George Orwell book.
[X] Had a physical fight.
[ ] Used Twitter.
[X] Listened to Lady Gaga
[x ] Been in a car accident.
[x ] Gotten suspended.
[ ] Gotten expelled.
[x] Been allergic to something.
[X] Got a computer virus.
[x ] Touched a real gun.
[ X] Had a dog.
[ X] Had a cat.
[ ]Been pregnant. No..
[ x] Camped out
[X] Swam in the ocean.
[ x]Wore a bikini
[ ] Driven a car
[x ] Been sent to the principal.
[X] Ever liked someone.
[ ] Failed a class.
[X] Failed a test.
[ ] Went to summer school.

in my last blog i realised i put oventional wepons insted of conventional wepons -_-


in my last blog i realised i put oventional wepons insted of conventional wepons -_-



OMG THE MCR I LOVE well what i fell in love with! dont get me wrong danger days is splended but this is the sound i fell in love with!!! im so bloody excited!!!! will they be relased on cd or vinal? at all?
and to all of MCR thank you so much for becomeing a band and makeing music your guys music have got me through thick and thin inspired me in manyways. was there for me when no one else was. and the times when people are like yuck mcr! i hold my head high and say yes i love them in personal ways.

YAY!!! chinise take out tonight!!!

lol so spicey sesmie chickin for dinner! i love chef chens! the people there are epic i would work there but im moveing :( lol no im happy that im moveing! my freind mikey works there (mikey isent his real name) its some thing like chen yun chao or something lol.. i duuno i just call him mikey. lol
but any whoooo