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MCR Breakup

I'm new to this site and I only joined it because I need someone to talk to who loves MCR as much as I do and who understands how big this loss is to their fans. I am a MCR fan for life, cross my heart, hope to die, never let go, never forget, always look back type of fan. They litterally saved my life. I was in an emo type phase that I guess everyone goes through, and I was distressed and desolated and tired and depressed and the whole nine yards. I tried commiting suicide a long time ago but MCR changed everything. They gave me and my life a meaning. Yeah, I know it sounds stupid and sappy but its completly and honestly true. So, this loss has a great affect on me. But I guess it hurts everyone of their fans. I guess there is one good thing that comes out of this. Now, MCR is, sort of, officially a legend. LONG LIVE MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!!!!!!