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Some lights.

Hey guys check out my SoundCloud. I've got a couple covers along with some original content. I just recently uploaded my cover of The Kids From Yesterday on piano. Lemme know what you think!

It all works out.

This may seem like it's reaching, but for my sake and for anyone else who just wishes there were a little more left to hope for from My Chemical Romance, I've come up with something. Gerard recently said in an interview that MCR5 was going to be a concept about parents who were in a support group because they had all lost their children in a horrible way. My Chemical Romance was twelve years old when they broke up. In that way, My Chemical Romance was only a twelve-year-old child, who died way too soon. We all loved My Chemical Romance unconditionally, the way a parent would love their child.

My Chemical Romance Thank You Video

My latest cover video. Check out my channel at for more covers!

Thought I'd share my little contribution to the cause...

Made possible with the help of Alex Ferguson. Stay fucking dirty Killjoys.

The Kids From Yesterday

If it is true and "The Kids From Yesterday" is the next single, I have the perfect idea for the music video.
First of all, if it has anything to do with the Killjoys, then that's fine and I'll be happy. But if they do something different like "Planetary (GO!)" then this is my idea: It starts out with the band in a very bright room playing the song. However, when the lyrics kick in, the Black Parade Gerard (complete with short blonde hair and parade uniform) sings. As the verse progresses, Revenge Era Gerard and Bullets Gerard come in and harmonize.
Throughout the song, earlier