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lmao this is why i'm SXE

never will i be challenged to drink a glass of wine
Thank you minor threat for creating my lifestyle and for giving me something to yell at people when they say 'ah you pansy i bet you havent even drank alcohol!'

i usualy say
"I'm a person just like you
But I've got better things to do
Than sit around and fuck my head
Hang out with the living dead
Snort white shit up my nose
Pass out at the shows
I don't even think about speed
That's something I just don't need

I've got the straight edge"

they are usualy just like 'WTH??"

<3 love doing that

ah i'm so sick of seeing theese things in zone 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. My Chemical Romance
2. The Used
3. Rise Against
4. Thirty Seconds To Mars
5. Fall Out Boy
6. The Academy Is...
7. Pency Prep
10. Hawthorne Heights

First song you heard by 6?: About A Girl

Favorite song by 8?: New Born

What impact has 1 left on your life?: Well they are inspiring and are alot of the reason i'm who i am they helped me be myself and take no shit.....they made me alot less violent and helped me get though alot and they inspired me to not give a fuck and just live life fearlessly they have inspired me to help others and to look past the shit and be

my uncle...

at vacation bible school a few weeks ago my uncle told me i was like simon peter in the i was worried...
simon-peter was always the first to have an idea...but the first to back out....he denied god three times.....he wasnt a great guy....better than judas....but still...and i got really worried...but today in bible study i was chatting with the teacher about the apostiles...and he said that the interesting thing about simon-peter is that when god got done with him he was a great person...he was just fucking extraordinary...

so i think...maby my uncle was telling me he saw


hey guys
in case you guys don't know
this guy is john green
he is a writer
and a nerdfighter
he has a book availible for preorder
preorder it
he read the first chapter in a live youtube session and its great!!

XD i love whooever made this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


bored/ depressed

you guys want to know why i dont cut myself?
mostly its because my familys words hurt worse than any sharp thing would.....

when we went to the amusement park a few weekends ago i was with my parents...well i dont like amusement parks and wasnt haveing a great was hot...and i was pretty much just walking around a crowd of people....i would walk to one end of the park and wait for them to get off a ride...then i would go to the other end and wait for them to get off a ride...then i would walk i asked to go to where my grandparents and my lazy aunt and uncle where waiting...


so i contacted whoever the hell runs this site about the advertisements

you guys should too....go down to the contact us thing at the bottom....let them know about this shit..



all i want right now is a jobbb....but my town is shit and there isnt enough jobs for the adults...and i'm only 15 idk if i can get a job

i want a job soooooooo badddddd!!!!
i hate going to my parents and being like 'hey can i have this?' even if its bubble gum...i'm sick of asking!!!!!!!!!



this video means alot to me
it was the video i watched just before the ghost of you by my chemical...well you get it...

so yeah...

rise against is a great band
if you have the time check out their stuff...they have a message to send...i think we all need to hear it

and its not just the message in this video....its alot of stuff

This place,

This is the place i love to be.
It is awesome
we have so many different people...
and we all love eachother
i love this place
it reeks of teenage angst
but there is something else here..
something very mature....

i love it
i love everone here
thank god and mcr that this exists...

i love the smell of teen angst...
also the taste of revenge is good too...

we have both here!!! <3

THIS MAKES NO SENCE!! shit i need some sleep!