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DEATH NOTE.....The Used



why did i not ever know this existed untill now?

handle bars =D

i love this!!!


my mom was one of the popular kids in school and so was my dad....they never understood what it was like....through middle school ALL of my friends were extrovert types because thats who i was in elementry school i guess...i started to become more like them....and i did not even notice....then someone pointed out to me that i had changed so i asked a friend and she said yes but for the better

the person that told me i had changed had been an important part of my life for a long time and i trusted him i began withdrawing into my shell... but i never realy made it before someone

What is punk? the questionn of my life aperently

so alot of people in my life feel the need to ask me things
as if i know everything

so one day a friend of mine asked me 'what exactly is straight edge?'
it is a movement created by punk band minor threat to show that not all punk kids are on drugs and do things that harm their bodies....
so basicly you never drink, use tobacco, do drugs, or have random sex.....
some even dont drink anything with caffine and some dont eat meat but those are not folowed by all....

so then he asked 'okay, so whats punk?'

i get asked this alot actualy...and i have no idea why

so here i will try to decipher what

frank quote!!!

" i get hurt every fucking day!"

story of my life frank.......

latest screw up?

while tuneing my guitar i accedently snaped the D string and it decided to fricking scratch my fingers D=

it hurt like hell at first but now i cant feel it

also i need to plan my secret project but i think best while eating a popcicle....and we only have yucky popcicles.....

well at least this will give me an excuse to make mom drive me to the music store and grocery store.....i will get good strings this time...

so here is my shopping list because otherwise i will forget

ernie ball strings....different


just broke a string on my i have to change the strings...again

but i have to buy new ones first

and a tuner!


not to metion the fact that it stung like hell to have a D string snap and then wrap around your fingers...then be gone a second later....


oh well...if it scars i will have a interesting story to tell i guess

i'm just glad it didnt get my face

well i guess i am going to have to wait a while to play that song for dad so he will buy me a new guitar
i'm haveing him buy a guitar like pansy....=D

uhm i'm gonna go get a bandaid before i bleed on the laptop....

changed profile pic!!

lol i <3 deathnote.....

slightly annoyed and confused is aperently equil to angry...>_<

slightly annoyed and confused is aperently equil to angry...>_<

i posted a blog about the whole frank-face-licking incedent...

i wasnt angry at all..i was annoyed that i would never get to hug the band that has influenced SO MUCH in my life....

but whatever....

the internet can be a dangerous place........
small misunderstandings can tick people off so much even if there was no intention of makeing someone upset......

venting and rant over...well not realy i'm kind of pissed about some stuff but oh well

i'm off to plan how to make the world a better place...i will explain more later...byee!!


someone licked frank iero?


i mean he isnt made out of chocolate!!! he is a human being with yucky human sweaty skin!

thats wonder frank exploaded over the pics of his kids being spread!!!

god i hate it when people think that just because you can play a song your god or aperently fuckin chocolate man!!!

i mean
what in hell would posses you to lick frank ieros face?????
what do you say after you lick him?
'oh you dont taste as good as i thought you would'


would you lick frank ieros face!?!?!

thats just fricking

up and to the right? they are lying.... i got 9/10 yay!!

Body Language Test

1. According to research studies what is the greatest distance you are likely to find between two lovers who are whispering? (Use your measuring tape the next time you see two lovers.)

A) 2 feet

B) 28 inches

C) 4 inches

D) 18 inches

2. This body language tool, when utilized, will make you appear warm, friendly, open and confident.

A) Arms unfolded

B) Feet about 10 inches apart

C) Nodding your head

D) Smile

3. Making little eye contact might mean

A) He is shy

B) He is an INTJ and does not want anyone to read emotion in his eyes

C) He is sleepy

D) He does not like the person