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less confused

so i saw this video in a ad by google on youtube....
i clicked on it and watching the guy with the guitar jumping around made me realise

its stupid to let anyone take music away from me

i know this song is about homophobia has cleared all confusion and hurt and selfishness and all of those emotions that where obstructing me from my life dream

being a guitarist

i think the reason is that the gym looks like my gym at school and i thought it would be cool to film a video there one day...

annyway my guitar hiatus is over
i know it seemed like a short time for you but for me it was


lol smosh XD


Dear lady gaga,

I HOPE YOU CHOKE AND DIE! I am very offended that you would go on stange in a wheelchair when you can walk just fine. I am even more offended that you would do this just to gain attention. Why am i offended you may ask. Because my grandfather has one leg, and the leg he does have has no toes. My grandmother had a stroke and lost use of both of her legs and one arm the year I was born. I will never see my grandfather walk again. I never have saw my grandmother walk.


i kind of quit guitar on ray toros birthday


okay so its not quitting its a hiatus of sorts...i guess

damn i feel bad now


good news/bad news

okay good news and bad news

matt bellamy had a baby
its name is
Bingham "Bing" Hawn Bellamy
congratz on yaknow...being born bing....hope life treats you well and your damn lucky to have a cool dad!

and i think i quit guitar....well for the time being i have quit......depending on how i feel by next week i will tell you if i stick with being nothing

each of the news could be good or bad depending on if you are attracted to matt bellamy or if you want me to not play

either way whatever

i do feel bad for failing frank iero and matt bellamy and well the rest of MCR

matt bellamy is a huge


i guess i'm just going to wait untill next year to get a job and buy my own darn guitar
i have a fender starcaster but its shit and i want an epipnone les paul
i pretty much want pansy

and my dad wants me to get a 'washburn'
doesnt a guy from kiss play a washburn?
and a guy named eric clapton or something plays a fender starcaster

guess who made me buy a fender starcaster?

he said if i learned a song called cocaine by that eric guy he would buy me an epi lp

now he is saying this wash-shit is better (sory washburn pissed and i'm sure its probly better than my shit-caster but i

calling all people who know about guitars

i want an
Epiphone limeted edition Les Paul studio

and dad found a Les Paul knockoff by a brand called washburn

yes i have seen shows where frank plays pansy...i know its a good guitar

but is this 'washburn' better?

it seems that washburn is played by metal players and i HATE HATE HATE metel....i cant stand all that fluffy hair headbanging retarded solo's 'badass' wannabe shit....(no offence are the only exception)(LOL)

so what do i do?

i realy like pansy and reaaallllyyy wanted a guitar like it....the revenge era and pansy inspires me so much musicly and i wanted the guitar that i


ray and frank had similar guitars =D

i'm going to get franks guitar soon!

a band i cant stand

i know alot of you like greenday

but i realy hate them......sorry....i just....they get on my nerves.....everyone likes them
and they getshoved down my throught....

Rise Against...i like rise against....
but whatever....


why did it take me thi slong to find death note?
why did it take me this long to find this video?

oh and i might consider not posting any more deathnote video's for a while....if you want them to stop just comment saying so....if not.....enjoy!