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well guys i wanted to play bass.....idk if i still do....

guitar....bass.....idk what i want more

i just dont know ...some one give me advice...a musical person plz?

ok so i have wanted to be in a rock band since i was little
and now im old enough to buy myself an instrument

i thought i want to play bass...i might want to

but theres just this part of me that still loves the guitar....i dont know what to do
witch one is easyer to teach yourself on? what do i do guys?

im scared of makeing the wrong almost at the mark of enough money to buy the stuff i need....when i get enough money im buying some instrument.....but i want the guitar....i love the sound .....but i love the bass too....

plus if i dont play bass who will play bass in my band im

RE: lost

so this is about my depression last night....i found my ipod....balance is restored

and also i think im gonna do what you guys said and work on the covering of songs
but i dont have a bass yet so i will do piano covers
and i suck at piano

so dont expect annything great....

it will probably be welcome to the black parade intro or something like that...

i know 3 songs on it will be a while....probably next thursday because there is no school

and nowwww if you have been reading this far
i love you guys...

there is this kid in my school ...he has autism....and that thing where he


i lost my ipod

also no one cares about falling apart and no one cares....


i get one try to make this gee doll.....wish me luck....

ok so if this shows is the best thing i have ever drawn.....
guess who it is?

go ahead and make fun of it cuz i cant draw a
this is my best attempt...only the head cuz i cant draw anything

i suckkk!

and it looks blurry because i took this picture on my phone so its all suckish..and it looks better in person...but still suckish compared to you guys art...ima music person lol i cant draw XD

dog carcass in ally this morning,-

-tire tred on burst stomach, this city is afraid of me. I have seen its true face.

ok i have been reading the watchmen...and it has me thinking.....i cant finish the story........

im two chapters from the end and i cant bear to read the rest...i dont know why...i just feel like if i finish it then all the things it has made me think about...all the influence it has had over me will vanish....all these thoughts and song lyrics and bass riffs are going through my head and i dont want to loose i will not be reading those last two chapters for the time


my algebra class is driving me insane!!!! gahhh!
how much longer can i take this???

my little kid friend type person joked about suicide yesterday.....
must remember to correct that.....

nite owl

like a nod to the watchmen?