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i need friggin $20 till i can buy my first guitar.....=D twenty bucks...easy rite?

well idk.....i owe my mom 20 so i cant get a loan from the bank of mom.....either i sell somethin....or i work.....but its been too much bad weather to i guess ima sell somethin...=p

any killjoy gammers?

hey any of you play xbox live

halo annyone?

add me on xbox live

but without '...'

we should play halo sometimee lol


this is how sundays go for me
around 1:30 i wake up...walk in the kitchen ...grab a bottle of v8 juice and a bannana...grab the laptop and my xbox controller

i log on turn on leathermouth or mcr halo and eat my banana while singing to 'this song is about being attacked by monsters'

also im thinking of going vegeterian.....but i like steak and shrip and chicken....

the reason is vegiheads seem healthyer and they tend to have clearer so i guess i will try.....wish me luck lol




so i wake up this walks in my room and says...'its snowing'


yesterday i said it wouldnt snow it snows....darn weather

anonymous <3

lmao the guys in masks are members of the hacktivist group anonymous...they rock even tho they tried to crash our =]

i wanna dance with anonymouslol

i love this song...


killjoys ..spred word...war.....mcrmy vs westboro cult....

hahahahahahahah!!!! pwnedddd!!

i go to a REAL babtist church
i hate wbbc
they are traitors to their country......

killjoys as soon as they come back to my reigon im going to protest them...anyone in?

im going to be wearing mcr t shirt and waveing a gay pride flag.blasting leathermouth songs screaming

'homophobia is gay'
'god loves americia...i hate you'

also i might scream 'i hate you kill everybody' as well but i might get put in jail for that one....

im like fidgeting and stuff with hate right now...

well ima go look at their website to see when they are comeing back here....and when they getting all you lovely

pencey prep <3

so im going to try to cover this song
i love pency prep...=]
well i guess ima go practice

well guys i have made a decision

im going to play guitar first.....because well alot of reasons...but im planning on picking up bass later...probably in a year or two...but ima start with guitar...

thanks for all the help guys i realy appreciate it

also i got new headphones today...they came with earbuds...and i love them.....they are bass earbuds/ headphones and they sound great