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im sory i keep posting videos .....not! you guys should love this!

i first listened to this song about 3 months ago...i think im hearing voices now.....=p

no im serious........

josiah leming

love this song

justin beiber influences alot of kids ...bad for us right?


listen to this the video..even if the artist dosnt feel this way in reality this still will inspire children to love one another..reducing hate crimes and increasing help for disaster areas and such

at 5:00 on march 8th i hated justin beiber....
at 7:30 on the same day i realised he can influence for the better....we should respect his voice is not ah high pitched now

thank god for pueburtyXD

WHAT DOSE THIS MEAN?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!

i keep seeing this thing that says 'stay beautifull keep it ugly'

i dont makes no sence to it the new mcrmy tagline?

what happened to soldiers never die?

i liked soldiers never die better....


ok so this is what i comented to someone on yahoo today

they said that the us took down the world trade center...i got ticked

"3000 dead civilans of all nations. Three Thousand dead mothers and fathers. Three Thousand orphaned children. Three Thousand innocent lives destroyed. A skyline painted red with the blood that spilled that day. Smoke that remains in the lungs of those touched by the dead. Children haunted every moment of their lives by the horible things they saw happen out their window. War in always unjust. War is always cost. War is bloodshed. War is sometimes needed.

lmao wow

not shure i like this video....or band

but love the song!!!


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bumed out

so im realy in an emotionaly unstable mood right now....i just found out my nephew has tried to self harm

he is only 8 years old...he is in the local mental hospital..i know some kids in there...they make it worse

he is only 8 years old?!?!?!

and he tried to self harm.....=*[

i just keep imagining this poor little boy...he is perfectly ok...and people say he is he is what?

and if he isnt depressed and self harmed for other reasons...then yeah.....ok....he needs help.....=[

this kid is on medecation...thats his problem! the meds he takes are makeing him this way

i guess my parents dont understand

they dont get it
i need 20 bucks till i can buy my guitar.....and i have no way of geting $20

i cant stand how they are not considerate of me at all!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember the fallen. Build them back up. Always remember.Never forget

the sick things people say about 9/11

how can you say 'ten years later we dont want to be reminded of-'

NOOOOOOOOOO nonononnononooooo!!!

we should remember
how can we forget that so many people died that day?
HORRIBLE things happened.....who are we to say
'oh ok its 10 years later we can stop hearing about this now'

people died......alot of them did!

if i was japaneese i would NEVER forget that america droped an atomic bomb on us!!!
shure they hit first...but we killed innocent people

and innocent people died