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the end is nigh

its happinging
it starts now
well it started at the beggining if time
the end is getting closer every second you breathe
every hour
it gets closer
you are going to die
we all are

SO WHAT?!?!?!?!?
i dont care if it is going to happen tomarow! i dont care if its happening now
wanna know why?
because we cant stop it...
im going to die one day
maby tomarow..
maby in 9 seconds
i dont care
because im alive right now
i am alive
i have made an effort in my life
i will be forgotten eventualy
but if i live 3 more years i will be remembered


another day off from school <3<3

yay more days off

thank god for basket ball team wining!

and if the guys win their game tomarow they are going to states aswell!!! i love how we suck at football but win everything else

go huskies!!!

purple and gold ftw!



i have bob dylan stuck in my head..... but i have the used in my head at the same time....weird

day off from school

and i feel like its wasted! gahh!


matthew goode was perfect for the role of he made him alot more attractive XD

*** EDIT***

sory i misspelled ozymandias.....=p no x in it lol

am i mature or immature...confuzzled!!

so around my fourtheenth birthday i was sitting outside my grandma's house with her and we talked......she asked what i wanted to do when i grow up..i told her i didnt know at all...she said that was okay...she said not to rush into growing up...and she said '...but your not as mature as most fourteen year olds...'

i almost cried....

i always thought i was was like she was saying i was slow or something...and me haveing a history of people telling me im not good enough...
it realy upset has been almost a year and it still hurts like she just said it....

but a few

aww why thank you!!

so i was thinking....about the things that i love most about myself.....


and it reminded me of a friend of mine who had a bad break up with her i called her and made shure she was okay.....she said i was the first one to ask had been almost a week after she ended the relationship that i found out ...i had been sick all week.....

so i talked to her...let her vent and stuff...and to my surprise she told me
' i love how you just care SO dam much. and how your so fcking honest about it.'

-insert surprised face here-
i guess i dont realise alot of stuff about


the director of the movie is defenatly a fan or the novel....and i agree before the movie i thought 'no way they can make a decent movie out of this!'

no....the movie was pretty cool!!!

i think the reason it is so hard to represent is the fact that its such a one wants to think that the guy that saved people tried to rape someone...

i once heard a thing in anime called 'breaking down the fourth wall' or something

it is where the writer writes the story in a way to make a point with contrversial issues....

i think the watchmen is like that....annyway i love the novel and i


my friends have started to notice my i need to get over it......its ok untill it interferes with my daily life...

depressed =[

im still depressed over my nephew...poor little sweet beautifull innocent one deserves that....=[

the bird and the worm reminds me of him....

i like the used...there pretty awsome....

idk what to do now....=[ i guess i should write or something...develop a story line or song...