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Syndicate content to go to school in ten minuts...=[

i still have to eat..put socks and shoes on...fix hair...brush teeth.....wake dad up..... and im blogging....=[

i hate school

wish me luck and the ability to bite my toung today...

well im off to church ...i am religious but i church much....=|

there is this lady who i am dreading to see...she is like omish or something...she has theese kids ......=[ they are pale...not aloud to run...not allowed to play...never go outside...and theyre not allowed to eat chocolate....their mom bosses every kid around in there...and all the little sheep children (even people who are almost adults) just folow what they are told........not me...i do the oppisate...she always stares at me dirty looks one time while we wer practicing out presentation..we where up in

band names...

so i have a few...

im thinking
'murder masquerade'

but i dont know if it sounds too gothic because it is realy kind of a refrence to the phantom of the opera to me....i guess it all depends on how the band is....

ahh! now i remember what i love so much about this musical!

no words to describe this ...

in love with the phantom of the opera....!!!

ahhhh i love this song! when i get my band together i want to do a cover of this song!

i dont even like opera but something about this just speaks to me =p

i especialy love the part around 4:07

ahhh!!!!!!!!!! the singer is realy awsome!

could you imagine gerard way singing this

my mind would be blown!!!!


so im realy confused about religion right now...i still beileve...but im just confused...i have to go to church tomarow...first time in a long time! i feel like i need to go....there is so much i should know about my religion that i dont! but i dont want to read the is soo probably shouldnt be depressing and scarey to me....

my nephew

so idk if he is home .....but (not that they will actualy come over) my sister-in-law mentioned that the kids wanted to come visit (probably to play halo with me <3)

so i have to clean my room tomarow in case they actulay come over =p

and to erm....give support to the one who was/iis in the mental home..ima play good music all day

NOT THAT THEY ARE COMEING OVER (dont wanna jinx anything i also doubt they will come...)

also my heart and mind is on you guys in japan...we are praying for you

dad dosnt like queen

because of freddie mercury.......

news flash dad.....your son is gay live with it and recognize that queen was a good band and bowie is a pretty good singer

annyway i dont understand why dad hates freddie mercury because he is gay ...thats up to dosnt matter......i wish the kiss singer would turn out to be gay so dad could go insane knowing his favorite band is gay XD

considering going veggie even more but im afraid i would do it because i wanted to get back at dad =|

old music vs. new music

under pressure

mcr and the used vs bowie and queen....

the winner is.....


even tho i LOVE bert and gerards voice

i like the origonal better.....but i still love the mcr the used one too


-sigh- i dont even know what to say about is awfull but i cant watch the news.....

no because im sickened by the disaster or anything like that

my parents and their hypocritical veiws....comments like

'hmp... our gas is going to cost more'
'ha..cellphones are going to go through the roof!'

after i almost cried when hearing about it dad says 'well do you have any lovedones in japan'

i left......but im home now...i hate them......they act like the people who died didnt matter

and if it is god's judgement then why did children die? why are there innocent babies dead?