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my neice decided she was gonna play the piano
the piano is in my room

and when i walked back to the laptop wecome to the black parade was playing

thank you laptop =]
thank you mcr


so i was outside with my dog when suddenly he started foaming at the mouth and spazzing out


my doggie is crying

because he cant go outside with my neice to play

because she is blowing bubbles and he tries to eat them.....and if he does his eyes will swell shut D=

just found out about the girl-

-who threw puppies in the river!

i hope she falls in that river and is consumed by the memories of the deaths of living thing....lives she destroyed

ahh i hate people who can kill senselessly!

ok to not a veggie...i like eating meat (i kinda wanna go veggie tho...i know i wouldnt be supported by anyone who isnt a killjoy/echelon family member

i think the only thing that justifies killing is for food/to save your own life or family/for warmth if you live in certain areas of the world

its like abortion

to me nothing justifies abortion
not rape
not if the moms life is

just a quick if any one cares

i have decided to disown my two brothers

they are not in my life and never have been
one uses my parents for money and the other is an ass

i feel about as much family connection to them as i do a pile of dog shit on the street....

The Killjoys, The Echelon,
you are true brothers and sisters.

you are the only siblings i feel any ties to......


should i name my guitar after gerards child? or mikeys cat?


to all you guitar people!

is it ok to start learning electric guitar with power chords?
because there are more mcr songs with power chords than with anything else......and i <3 mcr.....

i will learn barre chords and chords later...but are power chords ok to start with?

i hate chords....


ok im not saying im not glad he is dead....but it is sick to dance in the streets for even tho most evil of mens death

if the devils spawn was shot in the face i would not act the way people are acting

remember when 9/11 happened?
the islamic people who follow the man who was responsible...they danced and sang and chanted...all publicly in the streets...they had signs...saying death to america....

americans where discusted and shocked....we couldnt believe people could be so happy because of death...i remember adults being sickened by it....i was 5 and it sickened me.....

and now 'Generation


i used to love starwars...i dont dislike it...i actualy LOVE the old ones!

luke skywalker mutherfuckers!

For, and to anyone suffering

For anyone who is struggling with hurting themself, abusing alcohol or drugs, depression, or anything else, always remember that we CAN help. We are there for each other. Let's change the world and help one another. This video was passed on to me, and they told me to pass it on to everyone. So pass it on to every muthafugger you know! And dont you DARE DO ANY BULLSH*T THAT WILL SCREW YOUR LIFE! The world is beautiful, open your eyes and dont let anyone close them for you. Keep passing th URL on, if i dont see 5 more posts by Saturday, im restarting the cycle!!!!
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