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i dont know

dad. he wants mom to pay attenton to him only...he wants her attention he is pretty jealous of me....the kid...i get alot of moms her only kid....

mom. loves both of us and it hurts her when he is mean to me and when i am mad at dad...

me. i just want mom to be happy

i know she cant be happy without him...but i cant be happy with him in the house....and he cant be happy with me around....

i feel like the only solution is if i wasnt in the picture...but that would hurt mom...maby if i moved in with an aunt or something and saw mom on weekends?

all dad cares


i was talking to twistedlullabies and said something about frankie, she told me to post a blog about it. here it is:

Frank is who i look up to the most, because he doesnt do it [music] because he has to, he does it because its what he loves to do.


a few days ago i read a blog about embarising things that have happened today
and one of them is getting caught singing in the kitchen when you think noone is around


i just did that
and i was singing fricking 'smother me' by the used

and earlyer my mom walked in while i was listening to liar liar burn in hell by them....the part that screams 'you fucking liar!'


lost all hope

for the educational system

i was on yahoo and saw the word 2,500 pennies in the treding topics thing

so i clicked and the first-fuckin-thing i see is the phrase

'wat is 2500 pennies in dollars?'


25 * 100 =.....guess what?
twenty-fuckin-five $$$


pissed off

yeah your right....your the only depressed person in the drown in misery and talk to me when you care enough to consider someone besides yourself

killjoys take over omegle

do it i wanna chat with some killjoys

Desert Song Tabs

ok so here are the guitar tabs from earlyier but edited a little

i think this is more correct than the last

Guitar 2




i cut my finger just now...on a vital finger for playing guitar

i cut it really deep and it bleed for quite a while...
im probly going to have to get stitches because its near the bend in my finger....does anyone know if stitches on your left hand would affect playing guitar? D=

don't worry guys it didnt hurt....


i have my friends trained so well. When i scream 'i'm not okay!!!!!' randomly in the hallway ...all my friends scream 'I Promise!' even if they are a WAYYYY behind or in front of me in a crowded hallway...XD

like this

copeing mechinisms...who needs cutting?

i have desert song down all the way to the chorus..=D

im a little off in places but im working it out by ear so i think ill end up correct

i feel like guitar is my copeing mechinism.....i play when im sad...but when im happy too...

but i always first thing go to my guitar and blast the first few chords of 'i'm not okay' as loud as possible...then i start working on desert song

here are the tabs for desert song btw
frank iero(my hero)'s part only...have fun ^^
all credit goes to the creater...not me...and MCR

Guitar 2