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friend who bought me epic present
i fuckin love you!!

also i got third degree burn on the tip of my finger today
guitar class will be fun tomarow >_<

those killjoys who might think i'm a dick for those insulting hashtags about pedicone
its called a joke.....
also get thick skin
yeah its pretty dumb to send him death threats and hate but i'm not perfect
yeah i realy dont like pedicone....never did....i perfer bob but thats me....but still death

but yeah if you guys want to get mad because i was makeing fun of a bad situation its your choice...... *rant over*

third degree burn

witty insults

#Pedicone is trending on twitter

Lets trend #TraitorPedicone instead or something like it so people who are not MCRmy know we hate him

#PediconeThisMirorIsntBigEnoughForTheTwoOfUS ??

my personal favorite


F*ck you mike!

Mike is a dick!

if annykillljoys meet him you should punch him in the face!

How dare he betray our family like this?

sold my soul

this is pretty much how i feel about life right now

like ive sold my soul

but not in a bad way

"Sold my life to bring the rain
maby to wash me clean
sold my sould to stop the pain
hopeing you'd set me free

*All your fear, all your shame
you know that you can lay it all on me
you can lay it all on me*"

i am feeling mostly what is in the ive sold a different life to become this person that everyone needs me to i made a deal with....god?


i love you all

so much

i dont care who you think you are
i dont care who your parents are
i especialy dont give a shit how much money you have or what you like to do with your free time

i just love you

my bestie got a girlfriend so i feel alot less awkward because she has someone to love other than me>_<

so i guess her happyness is sinking into me

i get to meet her monday so wish me luck
i hope shes good enough for my best friend


my ipod rose from the dead today

either my ipod is a zombie or god loves MCR

i think its both


i listen to alot of music
and obviously i love the stuff i listen to

but MCR makes me feel....alive
just alive

and yes i'm most definaltly alive when i listen to other music

but the feeling when i listen to MCR can only be described as alive



this sucks

i'm dying from lack of socialization
and i also cant stand being around people

do i even need friends

all friends are good for is claiming your god and treating you like some fricking ruler of the universe

like genocide is no longer horrible if i do it

*shakes head*

i realy am sick of human interactment


have to go to eye docter tomarow! this sucks!

i have like a ton of note cards to make and study

its fir the guitar...and i ned more printer paper to print off worksheets about music theory

i realy need to study so bye

wish me luch on finding enough paper!


my laptop has been ghosted
i have to use the desktop when noone is home so i'm going to be gone quite alot and i probly wont blog much at all

but i will reply to your messeges when i can so message me if you want to talk =]