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I can't remember the last time i blogged here, or even loged in. It feels wrong doing it now, and I can't help but read the old posts and think about how time eventually destroys who you are in every way. I don't want this to be a valedictory blog, but i can't imagine coming back again. Its funny how i thought i would not change much.

Maybe in a month or two i will check my messages one last time. If anyone is still keeping up with this bloggish thing, and wants to keep in contact, I will probably get around to posting my email somewhere at some point. Keep the faith, and i will see you when the sun goes black.

ever yours and singing off for the last time,



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This band

This band is awesome

I nearly cried when they broke up, they never got the recognition they deserved.

I hope the singer continues his carrer....

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i actualy hate metal....the sounds the guitars make are retarded.....(PUNK, PUNK,PUNK!!!!)
but i adore this song!
coheed and cambria- welcome home

i dont like metalcore either

i like punk, pop punk, alternative, post hardcore

but this song!

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Maby its the Straight Edge kid in me

but it drives me nuts to hear people talking about alcohol and drugs like its cool

if your life is made up of destroying your body
your not cool
in my opinion your as utterly useless as shit....no offence...but i despise someone who destroys their mind and body to look 'cool'

i tell this kid that every day but he continues to do drugs.....i also tell him i hate what hes doing to himself....which is a watered down verson of 'i cant stand you go away!' when it is directed at him.....

SxE for fucking life
because i value a clear mind....i dont want to be fucked up

no time for that shit....

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i dont think the 'new' MCRfamily even gives a shit about these kids of blogs-

(see title)
- the get-to-know-you kind, but i need socal interactment of some sort. I also need to blog this. I hope some of you agree.

Things i adore:
Harry Potter
Nerdfighting (DFTBA!)
my motherfucking guitar (whom i named after the brightest star in the night sky, as he is a sammick and has a golden S in a circle on the headstock....if you know what the star is, i love you, Astronomy FTW!)
My friends, without you guys....i wouldnt be here....quite honestly....im not strong enough to be a loner....you guys truly keep me optimistic....you may think i help you when your down....but without you guys i would be almost nothing...
finaly MCR and The Used
because i owe them everything i dont owe my friends

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any ideas?

so we just started the new terms at my school
and i have the last class of the day with four of my best friends....

the teacher keeps hazing one of them....and as the "leader" of the group im not gonna stand there and watch anybody haze my best friends....

so i plan on pranking the teacher and the kid who does it......any ideas as to what i should do?

i have one prank planned...to do tomorrow.....im going to take a few staples into class and manipulate them into a pokey thing and put them in my classmates chair...when he sits down he will be stabbed in the ass by staples.......

but i need someething to drive the teacher mad
something i cant get in trouble for but wont make me look like an absolute idiot
i think im just going to disrupt class all the time....you know, ask open ended questions and say i dont understand

if anyone has any ideas to get back at the bullying bitches in my class.....i would appreceate the chance to claim revenge!

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had no time to blog this today =[

To all the lives lost
We salute you in your grave

To all the broken, beaten, or damned
They have given us a second chance

Its truely amazing how one evil action can turn into something so beautifull. I dont regret what happened that day, ten years ago. If it happened any differently who is to say the world would look the same? We will never truely know how much of an affect 9/11/01 had on the world, or even how much of an affect Gerard Way and the rest of My Chemical Romance has on the world.

As for me? I am going to make sure that the lives of Gerard Mikey Ray Frank and Bob are never forgotton. I will continue their work, building familys like ours and helping people get through their shit. Our Heros will never be forgotten.

See you when the sky goes black.


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whatever happened to this place being a family??

i used to love comeing here for the people...to see what everyone was up to....to see the news on MCR it was a lovely place

now no one seems to care annymore
the kind and considerate seem to have been chased away by the people who seem to be 9 years old and have just heard sing on the radio and decided they love MCR

i feel nothing for this place anymore....all i do is message a few people...post blogs that get bumpeed from the blog page by quizzes and then leave

i guess i just need some time away.....i will still come here to talk to people with messages but thats probly it

i guess you cant even count on 'family'

See you when the sky goes black. (or maby not)

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i guess my whole life people have been layiing all their problems and insecurities and rants and shit on me......

i cant remember a time when people didnt

i'm not complaining

its just weird.....i mean a kid who i havent even talked to verry much and who even told me he HATED me last year told me all of his thoughts and dreams and ideas and all of this stuff....it blew my mind!

do i look like the "type" of person who you can just come to for all of your troubles to be washed away?

i am so glad that i can help people

but it just
i dont understand how some people who i havent ever met can just come to me and tell me everything

idk maby i radiate some weird vibe that calls all the rejects to me.....

also a friend of mine is going though some tough times with her family

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burnt out

what song should i learn next?

i know desert song....and some of disenchanted but that song makes me sad.....so......annyone have anny ideas?

i tried fassion statement and the taste of ink by the used but i cant hold down a the 5th fret AND the 11th fret so i'm gonna have to retire those two untill my fingers grow *croses fingers*

maby i will start trying to learn i'm not okay? but i would have to do the rythem cuz ray's playing is too godly for me.....(begginer)

wish me luck! because i'f i dont learn something i'm gonna fail class!!!!!