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My personal goodbye and thank you.

Hey MCR,
Like the others have said themselves, you very likely will never get to read or even see this. But all I want to say again just like the rest of the MCRmy, is thank you. Today I turned 21 and couldn't be anymore sadder at this very moment. But I rejoice in knowing I discovered such an amazing band that has been my favorite and will continue on to be my all time favorite til the day no more. I love every single one of the musical pieces of art you guys ever composed, and I only wished so ever much that I would get to listen and see to some of those songs live in person. I never got the chance to see you guys live and it's part of the sadness that comes upon me knowing now I never will. But maybe one day I will. I just hope you guys go on with your lives knowing you changed and helped millions of lives and I am among those. You guys truly saved my life and with your music you guys changed me forever. Goodbye and thank you My Chemical Romance. I love you guys!

- xReynoldsx