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Black Veil Brides dream from last night.

I woke up thinking, "WTF?!?!?!"
Okay, so I was at my grandma`s house, and BVB just show up. I saw all the guys, and I got real sweaty, cuz I was nervous. Andy comes over to me, hugs me, and says, "I love you," and I`m like "ok?" so then I walk over to Ashley Purdy, and I was like, "can I have a hug, I wanna be a bassist when I grow up." and he`s like, "I don`t give hugs" and I got all sad. My mom burst into the room and was like "GET THEM OUTTA HERE!! I BANNED YOU FROM THEM, TOO!" so I freaked out. I was like, "I guess you guys better leave.

3 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my chem concert in 3 days!!!!!!!! who`s going??

A Tale Of The Fabulous Killjoys part 4, sorry, another short one

Kobra Kid`s P.O.V.
I reluctantly walked out of the bedroom I laid my sister down in. She was so fragile, and I just told her that our parents weren`t dead, they were dracs. I felt bad for her, she had never known, for all these years. I waslked over to the broken down sofa that Radioactive Pretzel Attack was sitting on, with Sunset Erosion in her lap. Jet-Star was sitting on the floor, with his legs crossed, with his serious thinking face on. Fun Ghoul was standing against the wall, staring into space. Party Poison walked over and sat on the sofa next to Radioactive Pretzel Attack.
My dad`s

Party Poison`s P.O.V.
It was going to be hard to tell her this, but she had know. "Desert Sage, we need to tell you something important, but I can`t, so Kobra will." I said, not wanting to continue. "Thanks, Party," Kobra said to me. I put on a fake smile. I couldn`t smile now. "Well," Kobra began, "it`s about mom and dad. They aren`t dead. They`re dracs," he admitted. "What?!?!" she demanded. "When mom and dad got the disease, it was a sign that they were coming. Korse and his little fleet of dracs that he brings along with him. You were at Grandmother`s when they came.

Desert Sage`s P.O.V.
"What`s wrong," I heard Kobra ask me, as he rubbed my back. "I miss m-m-mommy and d-d-ddd- daddy," I sobbed, and broke down once again. Footsteps came toward me, probably Party. "It`s okay," Kobra said. He picked me up and carried me toward one of the three bedrooms we had to share. He tried to set me down on the bed I shared with Sunset, but I clung to him. "No, Kobra Kid. Don`t leave," I said. "I`m not going anywhere. I`m just setting you down so we can talk." he said. I sniffled and nodded. Party came into the room, and sat down with Kobra and I.

Desert Sage`s P.O.V. (Hannah, which is me)
I looked out the small window as a small ray of sunlight appeared. I looked out of the window, afraid of what I`d see. Nothing. "Radioactive, where do you think Korse is?" I asked, curiously, as I sat on the floor by Kobra. He played with my hair, remembering how he`d straightened it for me when MyChem still existed. Once BL/ind. took over, we were forced to evacuate; to rebel. We were separated, until once reunited with each other. In the Zone 6 diner. "I don`t know," she replied plainly, sitting in Party`s lap, stroking his face.

Another weird dream..

Okay, so me and my friends were running around in this person`s yard, and it was huge. We were running from Korse, but nobody was dressed as a killjoy. Except me and my best friend. Me and Maricruz were in the yard, hiding, and we saw the fabulous killjoys. We met up with them, as if we`d known them for years. Turns out, I was actually dating Kobra Kid, while Maricruz was with Party Poison. Korse had found our spot, and we ran. Party Poison had to carry Sunset Erosion (Maricruz) because she had a fractured knee, with a full leg cast. Fun Ghoul turned around and shot Korse.

Vampire Money part 18 (just for the ones that hate cliff hangers)

Frank`s P.O.V.
As Rachel and I walked outside, I got more nervous. How would I begin? What would I say? We got outside, and we walked around the back. "What`s up, Frankie,"she asked seriously. I put my arms around her. She was a little shorter than me. "Babe, about what Mikey and Kara were talking about. She`s gonna..And they`re not ready," I said. She nodded before I finished. "I know, I`m worried," she said, with a scared look on her face. I brought her into me. "It`s okay, but what will they do? If it runs in her family to have miscarriages," she said.

Everybody`s dreaming MCR dreams!!!! I did toooooo!!!!

Well, it was during the Black Parade era,and Mikey just came up to me and like asked me out! I was like, "What about Alicia?" and he then he stroked my face softly and said "screw her" so then we were like dating..Gee came up to me the next day, and was like, "I love you," and I was like, "I`m with Mikey," and then Gee kissed my cheek softly and walked away all sad...I felt bad, but I wasn`t gonna cheat.

Vampire Money fanfic part17

Mady`s P.O.V.
Rachel was the only one that noticed I was awake. I didn`t know how long I slept for, probably awhile if I was in a hospital room. I scanned the room to see who was here. Rachel, Gee, Mikey, Ray, Frank, Taylor, and Kara. There were flowers next to me. There was a lot to take in. I tried to prop myself up, but it didn`t work out to well. The others were chatting, as I saw the grin on Rachel`s face become bigger. "Rachel," I croaked, I couldn`t talk. I`d lost my voice. "I knew it wasn`t my eyes playing tricks on me! You`re awake!!" she squealed.