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Vampire Money (fanfic) part 4

"Well, you`re going to turn me," I said. "No, Rachel, I`m not. I am not going to make you turn into something that you`ll regret." He said. "But still," I began, "I don`t want to be a shrivelled up old lady, when you`re still a smoking hot vampire," He laughed. "It`s not really funny, because when I die, you`ll be all alone, but if you turn me, on the other hand..." He cut me off. He pulled me into a sweet kiss, it wasn`t dirty, or sexual, it was just a normal, sweet kiss. And I liked that about Frank, he could kiss you, and you`d feel innocent. The kiss would be innocent, but still sweet.

When I grow up.....

I am going to be able to listen to MSI again. I am going to change my last name to Way-Iero, because I`ll probably be single, cuz no one likes me. I am going to dye my hair, red, (like Gee`s) and it`s going to have different color streaks through it, like neon green, pink, orange, and blue, for example. I will be a story writer, and I will write fanfictions, but change the names of characters so that they will be like a real story. I will have a wonderful life. I will probably go to Italy, or France, somewhere away from Pennsylvania, so I don`t have to be with my family.

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!! And something that made me depressed.....

Happy birthday GERARD ARTHUR WAY!!!! For the 34 years you`ve been alive, you`ve accomplished A LOT!

~You outlived Jesus
~You saved lives
~You`ve created a beautiful child
~you`ve married a wonderful woman
~you`ve created comics
~you`re the lead singer in THE BEST BAND EVER
~You`re the brother of an amazing man,
~you`ve created 4 albums
~You are the President of my life,

Onto the depressing news,
I left my list of MSI songs I wrote on my computer desk.
I wrote it last night, so I could put songs I didn`t have, on my iPod.
My mom saw it, and now the

My day....

Okay, I feel really bad because I found out about Japan`s 7.1 aftershock earthquake this morning.

Kierston makes me happy ;) and other important news...

Okay, she just made me, utterly proud of her today.
Kierston: hey Hannah..
me: hello.
Kierston: I watched all thier music videos yesterday. I absolutely LOVE them ;) I really think Frank is hot!!! And I can`t remember all the other shit, but I`ll remember in time..I just have to study.
Me: *smiles the HUGEST simle in the world and gives her a hug* YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!
Kierston: I know.
me: yeah, I know.
Kierston: And I made a song..........It`s really stupid. It`s to the tune of that song Bob wrote about Gerard.It goes, "oh Frankieeeeeee, you make my heart throbbbbb"
Me: ahahahahahahahah I

bored to tears........ so, I created this crap....

I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love
Favourite song: probably Demolition Lovers atm...
Favourite saying of words: When Ice Creams and roses fall at your feet
Least Favourite Song:ummmm......Romance? Idk it`s hard. I like them all...

The Black Parade
Favorite song: Teenagers
Favorite saying: ummmm..Mama, we all go to Hell.
Least Favourite song: again, it`s very hard, but Disenchanted...

Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge
Favourite song:I`m Not Okay, or Helena
Favorite Song: This is how we like to do it on the murder scene
Least Favorite Song: SOOOO HARDD!!! But I`m sorry, Interlude.

Kierston and I made a song. And why Abby made me mad.

Okay, so, it goes, "Joy to the world, Gerard has come, and Mikey, and Frank, and Ray!! All the other bands, can go piss off....And the Mcrmy sing, and the Mcrmy sing, and la la la la la la la la la la. The tune is the song, Joy to the world, btw.

Anyway, I`m mad a Abby.This is why:
Me: *runs up behind her and screams "MIKEY WAY IS AWESOME" with Meghan.
Abby: grr.
Me: Why?
Abby: Go away. That emo band you listen to is stupid, and they should die in shame right now. Go listen to something good, Like Rhianna or something.
Me: They`re better than you`ll ever be, and Rhianna is just a copycat

Fuck yes!

i brought you my bullets
i had my revenge
i marched in the black parade
.....and now im a killjoy ♥

anyone else bored and wanna talk?

I am soooooooooo bored!!! Will somebody please, please, PLEASE, talk to me or message me? Please? With a cherry (a very sexy one) that looks like Gerard (his face is molded on it) on top?

New MCR Poetry?

Bob Bryar has songs,
they are all about Gerard,
since Bob was the one to write them,
it mustn`t have been too hard.

Gerard has dyed his hair so many times,
it isn`t even funny,
although it`s red now,
my friends are surprised he doesn`t look like a bunny!!

Now we`re onto Frank,
the shortest of the crew,
don`t let his height fool you,
because I`m sure he`s your favorite, too!

Ray is up next,
he is lead guitar,
his back-up vocals are kick-ass,
and don`t think that when you see him,
you`ll be allowed to say "I`ll pass."

And Mikey is last, but definitely not least,
he can play bass as well as