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xmyownromancex's blog

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my own romance

my chemical romance is something special for me.....realy not even chemical romance is like on hole part of my part if they go away half of my heart gose away....i have done alot of plans made for my futer with them.......i wish that one day when i become a rock satr like them i will be able to go on tour with them...and me and my band would hang alot with mcr and we could be like bestie bands......its gin to awsome....that and more plans i when mcr takes out their new album they are goin to star touring again and its goin to be the mcr explosion again and

dont give up

well this is more like an...what i think about the band and about there time now okay.....

well what i think of the band is that i realy apreciate what they do with there music because every thing they say on there song's make's sence to me and my life....may be my chem alredy has seen alot of blogs like this and they mey say like......"'s just another blog talking about how cool we are" no i don't want my blog to be jus a mother fucking written easay...i want them to go like.....???well i dont realy know but okay the band is great and i know that the band is having ruff times now