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hehe :3

written my xmas list already...
and cus im just too cool i still write it every year :3

hell yeah



took me two hours :)
im really pleased with it, cos i havent drawn a picture this good and realistic for a-g-e-s!

what d'you think??


BVB new album name and artwork.

feast ur eyes upon thiss...




i was the awkward sniffer today in lessons.

damm cold ;) lol xoxox

not happy.

whoever it is just leave me alone- ive just done 3 productions in a row, had a mountain of homework to do and now you think its funny to give me a freakin cold??!!

i hate you.

whoever you are.

ha. how i laugh.

sometimes--no--most of the time, i wonder if you even know what you are saying and whether you know what it means.

uuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggghhhhhh PAIN.

my body feels like trolls have trampeled on my bones and muscles.

goddam fricken continuous running excercises FUCK YOU P.E MASOCHISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

START THE PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For any fans of The Blackout, or anyone in general, here's their new song 'Start The Party'

enjoy :) xoxox

ohhhhhhhkaay.... i got that wring :S

reading Of Mice and Men (by John Steinbeck) for english, and have been mislead into thinking that it was a happy feelgood book with a nice ending.

oh how painfully wrong i was.

basically Lennie (the sweet dysfunctional character) accidentally kills Curleys wife by breaking her neck (:S) whilst stroking her hair (as he doesnt know his own strength and she panics), people on the ranch find the body and try to hunt down Lennie. George (Lennies 'father figure') knows how much trouble Lennie is in, so shoots him in the back of the head BECAUSE HE LOVES HIM. (!!??**$%)

seriously? xoxox


the fogs starting to lift and clear,
but i search with my eyes and see that your still not there.

if only u knew what i was going thru,
if only ud try to understand,
its not all your fault-obv-all i wish is for your comfort