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I met...

I know this has nothing to do with MCR but i went to see Black Veil Brides a few nights ago and I got my photo taken with John Be from My Passion (one of the support acts)!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD XD XD
It made my night- i was so happy! He was really nice and offered to have the photo done again if it didnt come out right, but it was perfect first time! XD
My Passion are an amazing band- totally check them out ;D
Black Veil Brides were freaking legend and Yashin were great ;)
An awesome night!


ugh........................ -.-

im as ill as a bee on butane gas... -.-
that probably doesnt even make sense but tbh i dont give one right now...

The Only Hope For Me Is You- Video

where can i find it?
was it ever released coz i REALLY wanna see it!!!!!!!

The Bleep Test

has anyone here heard of it? Its like torture in the form of a tape, bleep and P.e lesson.
If anyone suggests to do it- run, run away and hide in a dark corner somewhere, because seriously- this test kills you.


OMG! I got it today and EVERY POSTER IS ON MY WALL!!!!!!!!!!!! And all the stickers are on my draws!!
XD im so so so in love with My Chemical Romance <3


how long have you known mcr?
-i have known about them since they did the black parade album, them discovered their other albums and fell in love <3

what is your favorite song?
- Desolation Row!!!!!!!! Or Dead, or mama, or na na na.........or....etc

who is your favourite band member and why?
- Gerard Way! He's so inspiring and fit and amazing and a real role model to many other singers

have you seen them live?
-yes i went to see them this year!

what merch do you have of theirs?
3 t-shirts, many posters, purse, wristbands, venganza vest and usb, cd's...yeah i could go on...

Favorite Era?

Time to wake Green Day up!!!

You know- Wake Me Up When September Ends...?
Get it..?
Ok just me.... :/

Has time gone backwards or something...?!

Coz i swear its meant to be October.... But it feels like freakin August...
Although August felt like October coz it was pissing it down every goddamn day!
dude...this years messed up... >.<

Well ain't this fun :/

i have a goddamn cold and my hands are freezing and school sucked :/

The 14th of September...

Would have been my Nanna'a 73rd birthday. Yeah i say would have been. She died on 17th June. She had been ill for a while, like not feeling well- and then one day we were hit with news that it was lung cancer.....
A month-or less-later, we were told she had 3 months to live, then, not even a month later- she died...
My mum and grandad were by here side, and my last words to her (over the phone) were 'I love you Nanna, I love you so much..', and even tho she could hardly talk, she said 'I love you too darling, I love you so much..' .
This summer has been the hardest summer, emotionally...but I