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Happy Birthday Gerard c:

hope it rocks dude.
You deserve it.

Much love and appreciation,



Kerrang tour= LEGEN-wait for it-DARY XD <3

So- omg it was so awesome!

I was in by the sounddesk for Fearless Vampire Killers (who i love love love!), then in the MOSH PIT for Tonight Alive and Chiodos and then....

RIGHT AT THE FRONT FOR BLACK VEIL BRIDES!!!!!!! I WAS A METRE AWAY FROM ANDY, ASHLEY (who kept looking at me ngl ;p) and JAKE!!!!!!

I got drenched by Andy's water...

1) I got Ashley Purdeys autograph on my ticket!!!!!!
2) I got a photo with KIER KEMP (ahem- LEAD SINGER OF FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS) and talked to him.
3) I got a photo with and talked to CYRUS BARRONE (ahem- GUITARIST OF FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS).



After so much denial, rumor and theories, Fall Out Boy are officially BACK!!!
They are releasing a new album called Save Rock And Roll on MAY 6TH.

Here's what Kerrang! said:

"Official: Fall Out Boy are back!

Yes, you read that right. It's official - Fall Out Boy are back together again! After months of rumour, speculation and denial, the Chicago four piece have ended their three year hiatus and announced they are releasing a new album, titled Save Rock And Roll, and will hit the road to play a number of upcoming live shows.

The pop-punk pioneers made the announcement via

But shakin's all i know!

"Take my sandwich BMO, I'm gonna go find Fi-- (gasps) A DANCING BUG!
Hey, you're shaking it all wrong!"

"But shakin's all i know!"

"Shh..let me show you how its done..."

*click on the picture!!*

btw.... #shake4castiel....



Why so serious..? :)

SO guys, how has everyone been?

2013 has started off okay, lets just hope its a damn sight better than the previous two years (in my personal opinion) touch wood.

Kerrang!Tour is coming up, really psyched about the line up- and hoping to meet a cute guy there maybe? ;)

aand,,, WE ARE THE IN CROWD + NEVER SHOUT NEVER are coming to the uk- and guess who has tickets? Yep- me xD

plus I just discovered an awesome new band- Vampires Everywhere!- check them out..

and last night I watched The Dark Night which was LEGEN- wait for it -DARY! so so so cool i was nearly crying.

ah ive missed you guys,

whoo. 2013

so guys----

<3 happy new year, wishing you all health, a little wealth, loads of happiness, fun and love.
Hope you had a great Christmas and get what you wish for in 2013 <3

love to you all



Black Veil Brides new video!

check out their official video to 'In the End' on their website enjoy xoxox

smug smug smug smug smug smug xD

just brought Motionless In Whites new album 'INFAMOUS' and its SOOOO GOOD!!!!
Highlights on the album: Devils Night, Sinematic, The Divine Infection and Underdog :))
check them out.
i love how their style is Marilyn Manson/Slipknot/BMTH, its unique and very clever.

by the way, are there any other MIW fans out there??


M. Cant think of a better way to start the day.

Disecting a lung. Mm.

oh god it was gross >.< when the teacher was cutting down the oesophagos and trachea it made crunching noises and there was blobs of leftover blood and it was all slimy and there was froth and...


if that wasnt bad enough the teacher decided the heart was getting in the way so she cut it and pulled it off!!

My teachers mad but AWESOME.

I willed myself not to leave the room and i watched the whole thing...uuughh..


Motionless In White- Devils Night

omg absolutely amazing.
already addicted!

hope u guys LOVE it ;D