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Something I have noticed......

I have a feeling this band is never going to lose their fan base, i mean it has been 2 whole months since the band broke up, am a lot of people still post daily.I have a feeling that this site will last forever, even if you guys do leave, i'm still going to check the site everyday and occasionally post random crap. But, back to my point, this site will last forever, when most bands break up, their fans just give up on the site, but not MCR fans, were dedicated, thats what I like about us, but yeah, just something I have noticed.

MOVIE 43 fmgffsgchjguilygbdrjv

jwdghfyguikgiyhtsdkghvjkrfy I am sorry,but I was just watching TV and this trailer for the movie MOVIE 43(warning adult movie)and in the backround of the trailer NA NA NA was playing,then I DIED.Somebody please clarify FOR THE LOVE OF FRANK'S PUPPIES.I will research the movie and get back to you,even tough I doubt anybody will read this.
ps. sorry for all the misspelled words it is dark and I cannot see