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Forever Kis$ed
Under Byte
Nitro Nightmare
Amplified Suicide
Alkaline Child
Stardust Specter
the fullmetal killjoy
10. Cherry Bomb
krooked klymene
razorblade disco
marshmallow grenade
Retro Rebel
Ash americana
pyro child
Vinyl Rabbit
Agent Revenge
Lurid Kid
20.White Crayon
Killshot Delirium
Exterminator Cola
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Retro Glory
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30. Dirty Birdy
Butane Brat
Jazz Bullets
Tempo Thief
Jett Light
Handguns Galore
Cyanide revenge
Toxic Timebomb
Adrenaline Revolution
Mad bullet
40. Phaser-Laser

Would You Want Bob Bryar Back?

I have a question for you killjoys. If you had the chance to have bob back would you do that? My friend Hannah and I were talking about it at lunch and we both decided we want BOB BACK! Then another question popped. What is bob doing now that he is not in the awesome My Chemical Romance band? hmm... but that is just our opinion we would both like to hear your opinion. so comment below.


FML- i fractured my knee on gee's b-day!? wtf how does that happen you ask.... being a idiot and jumping! i tripped fell on my knee and i now got a fricken purple long leg cast for 6-8 weeks! and its getting hot so that means it will be itchy under it! and when i use my crutches the next day my shoulder muscles will be sore!! :'( 4th time with a cast! on the SAME LEG!!

Happy b-day Gee

Hey Gerard happy b-day hope you have the best one ever for many years to come!! wish you the best from all of the killjoys HAPPY B-DAY!!!
-desert sage and many more

I have no idea just clicking away in the YouTube world


rooftop guys!!!!!!!

hey guess what there are guys on my roof!!!!!!!! yeah they were fixing it but now they are done!! They were just pounding away it was like bang bang bang like hell!! well bye idk what its about

Hi. I have something to say....

My friend, Hannah, is absolutely obsessed with Mikey, Gerard, and Frank. I can kind of agree with her. I like Gee the most, then Mikey, and I absolutely hate Frank. She on the other hand, like Mikey the most, Then Frankie, then Gerard. Who`s side would you be on? I haven`t posted in awhile....Sorry. Anyway, who do you like best, and Why?

--Sunset Erosion

fanfic part dos (2)

no intro
and going to a...." The guy driving cut him off and said "Don't tell her Mi - Kobra Kid.We donLt even know why she was lying down on the desert floor.The last thing is that we don't even know her name! Why did we even have to save her.

My week!

My f-ing week was terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had stupid state test also i lost my tooth and it would not stop bleeding! But it might get better cuz I might go to ny friend's house!! so lets hope
-sunset erosion P.S. this is very short!

Black parade phase!

Hey guys!! I am starting a charity at my school for japan! (I feel so sorry for them) I will just pray for them! On to other things...........My stupid state tests started 2day!!!!!!!!! arggg!!! :'( And I love the little cute soldier on te black parade cd cover he looks AWESOME!!!
- Sunset Erosion*
P.s. daylight saving time!! whooo the sun goes down untill 7:00 pm But it is still cold! :( (brrrr *teeth shiver*) Lolz (short blog)