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Come to Denmark MCR!!

Hi killjoys!!

My name's Henriette Horst Hansen and im from Denmark (Denmark>Jutland>Christiansfeld)
I've seen MCR on TV in Denmark when they were at Roskilde Festivalen in 2007. Then i wasnt allowed to go cause i was to young. And now im neither. Im 14, but can only go their when i turn 16, AND I DON WANNA WAIT THAT LOOOONG!! XD

Instead of giving a concert at Roskilde Festival, they could go for Boxen in the city Herning :) Its a building that has a BIG stage and space for thousands of people. But they could also just visit Christiansfeld and try our FAMOUSE honey-cakes THEY'RE SO GOOD!!


Come to Denmark MCR!!

Hi Killjoys!!

My name's Henriette Horst Hansen and im from Denmark! (Jutland>Christiansfeld) And ive always hoped that MCR Wanted to come to MY country. Ive seen in the television in 2007, that they were at the Roskilde Festival. Then i wasn't old enough to go there, but i just wanted to!! Im 14 now, and im still not allowed to go to. I must turn 16 before i can...

So...i thought if MCR wanted to sing for Denmark, they could do a concert in Boxen in Herning :) Its in Jutland so...

And i think, probably one of the youngest killjoys in Denmark and i cant get enough of MCR!!