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Remember When You Were A Madman? (RWYWM) Chapter 1

Hey so this is the first chapter of RWYWM and it was written by Chrissy ^_^ The next chapter will be written by Cammie so i really hope you enjoy this =D
Chapter 1
Adrenaline Angel's P.O.V.

Sometimes I hate having to remember that terrible day. Sometimes I regret ignoring Rainbow Rave's warning. Sometimes I wish that day wouldve just never happened. It was all my fault.

It all started at roughly 12 o'clock. The temperature was in the triple digits, like usual. I raced my way down the sandy streets in my '84 Trans-Am.

Stories!! continued AGAIN...

WE CAME UP WITH A NAME FOR OUR STORY AFTER TWO WHOLE DAYS OF THINKING!! the name of the story is "Remember When You Were A Madman?" or RWYWM for short. (doesn't make sense now, but it will make sense in the next couple chapters.) please bare with us here, the first chapter will be on here by tomorrow or the day after. while you're waiting, i'll give you some background about our main characters.

Adrenaline Angel- (my character) she's 20 years old. she's the best friend of Rainbow Rave and she's Neon Apocalypse's older cousin.

Stories!! continued...

so as you already know if you'd read my previous blogs cammie and i didnt get many readers for our story (lol FAIL! xD) BUT we're writing it anyway. we already started the first chapter and we dont really care if we dont get any readers because we wanted to write a story so we are gonna write a story ^_^


Sometimes I hate having to remember that terrible day. Sometimes I regret ignoring Rainbow Rave's warnings. Sometimes I wish that day would've just never happened. It was all my fault.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAY!!! keep rocking ur awesome fro and your awesome guitar!! ^.^
my birthday is tomorrow (july 16)... i wish i couldve been born a DAY earlier then we couldve had the same birthday lol well HAPPY BIRTHDAY ONCE AGAIN XD


Heyy ppl! Me and my friend cammie are thinking about writing a story and we r super excited about it. The story is kinda killjoy-themed, and cammie, my cousin sammi and i are all in it. If we need any extra killjoys to be in the story we will let you know. If 5 ppl comment saying they will read it, we will post the story here. C U IN THE ZONES!! <3

Adrenaline Angel =D

P.S. real quickly i'd like to thank Satellite Bullet for telling me how fun it is to write stories =D we wanted to write a story in the first place, but you gave me the extra push i needed to actually do it.

A lot of people have been doing this so...

before i had ray but i re-took it and in the past 2 months i HAVE been wearing fingerless gloves and shit so yea xDD

[] You were born in April
[] You've been addicted to alcohol and/or drugs
[] You're a born leader
[X] You love drawing and you do it well
[] You love singing
[X] You don't take shit from anyone
[X] You're afraid of needles
[X] You call your friends with their last names instead of their names
[] You've got siblings and you love them
[] You're the oldest child
Total: 4 out of 10

[X] You were born in July
[X] You play the guitar

Happy Birthday Bandit!!!!

HAPPY 2ND B-DAY BANDIT!! I know you don't know us, but we all love you! ^.^


I love parties... i'm going to one in like 10 minutes and i have nothing better to do than let you guys know :D YAY!! I'm also super hyper and i don't know why :D Well I'LL C U IN THE ZONES!!!

Love and Hyperness,
~Adrenaline Angel <3

Bob's Killjoy Name :D

So I've been wondering... if Bob had a killjoy name what would it be? Let me know in the comments :D
C U IN THE ZONES!!!!! <3
~Adrenaline Angel >:D

Bin Laden is DEAD!

I'm sure you all know that right? Well I decided I would dedicate a song. I chose Dead! by, of course, MCR. It fits so well does it not? But he was a mean person, he shouldn't have a song. But it fits well. BUT I don't even want ANYTHING MCR related relating to Bin Laden.(did that sentence even make sense? XD) But... (10 minutes of thinking later...) He aint gonna have a song >:D
Sorry I just wasted your time. :(
Sometimes I worry about myself...Anyway...

Random and Crazy as always,
~Adrenaline Angel C U IN THE ZONES!! <3