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school and update

well i have my first day of school TOMORROW for those of you that didnt know...
this sucks! Dx
All I know is my homeroom!! I don't even know what teachers I'll be getting... I DON'T EVEN KNOW MY SCHEDULE!!

well i have to go to bed in like, 5 minutes, but i'd like to give u a quick update on my story, Remember When You Were A Madman.
Cammie and I have decided that I'll take over the entire thing, although the storyline and characters will not change. I apologize for such a long wait, and I'd like to thank you guys who didn't just give up on it. ^-^
I PROMISE I'll have something up by Saturday.


There was a wonderful Killjoy by the name of LisaisaUnicorn who posted a very sad blog entry saying "goodbye." WE CANNOT LET THIS HAPPEN!!!!! I SAY WE SIGN THIS AND REPOST TO SHOW HOW MUCH WE CARE ABOUT HER AND WANT HER TO CONTINUE LIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love her and she should not even THINK about EVER taking her life!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Signatures! <3

1:BulletproofRevenge (LOVE YOU! STAY STRONG!)
2:Static Mud (Keep going! We love you!!!)
3:Shadow Storm x (We believe in you and love you!! )
4:solar sparx (ppl die every day on accident. dont do it on purpose.

oh boy...

so apparently on sunday jersey is having some bad hurricane... which means we might need to evacuate and stay at a shelter. WONDERFUL!
the wind is supposed to be like 120 fucking miles per hour.
im scared shitless right now.
my hands are shaking. i hope this fucker just goes around us into the ocean or something.

praying for this storm to pass right around us,
Adrenaline Angel

oh my god... my family... -_-

today i got to spent the day with my loving, amazing family! (sarcasm -_-)
so i was talking to my cousin (shes 7) and she told me she saw a shirt in the store that she really liked but it was for boys and i was like so? and she said "yeah well its okay for you because you're already part boy"
so apparently because i dont wear dresses and shit im "part boy" -_-

and my other cousin got mad at me so he tried hitting me with my skateboard (which he tends to do a LOT) so today i FINALLY decided i'd knock him on his ass cuz im so fucking tired of him (he's so stubborn i've tried talkin to him but

LAST cleverbot thing... i swear!! xD I just couldn't stop laughing at this.

I couldn't stop laughing xDD i doubted it would be able to do this!! xD
(This conversation is basically me and the cleverbot singing the pokemon theme song xD)

Cleverbot: Lets sing pokemon.

User: Okay.

Cleverbot: Dust in the wind.

User: No.

Cleverbot: Fine you're right.

User: I want to be the very best. Like no one ever was...

Cleverbot: To catch them is my real test.

User: To train them is my cause.

Cleverbot: I will travel across the land...

User: Searchin far and wide.

Cleverbot: Teach Pokemon to understand.

User: The power that's inside!

Cleverbot: Pokemon!

User: (gotta catch em' all!)

Arguing with Cleverbot xDD

Me: Frank Iero is awesome.
Cleverbot: He looks like an emo.
Me: I HATE YOU!!!!
Cleverbot: Why?
Cleverbot: I dont!!
Cleverbot: No I didn't.
Me: Yes, you did.
Cleverbot: No I did not!
Cleverbot: No I didn't.
Me: Frank Iero is awesome. Deal with it.
Cleverbot: Ok no problem.
Cleverbot: I love you too.
Me: =D
Cleverbot: What is it after death?
Me: WTF?
Cleverbot: Fishing.

bored as hell so i drew a picture =D

i just randomly drew this =D
it has nothing to do with my killjoy or any of that stuff.
lol its just completely random ^-^

~Adrenaline Angel =D

YAYY MEW!! ^-^

thats all i had to share xD
the cloud is kinda sucky though =(
well whatever. ENJOY! =D

~Adrenaline Angel

oh boy...

well i wont be on for a little bit. i just found out my cousin dana broke her leg and her finger.
i hope shes okay =S

A little scared,
~Adrenaline Angel

Remember When You Were A Madman? (RWYWM) Chapter 2

Heey im REALLY sorry this took so long.
Written by Chrissy =D Cammie will write the next two chapters. x3
I actually started crying about half way through this. ='(
1st Chapter-
Chapter 2
Rainbow Rave’s P.O.V.

“Your Samantha. I’m Cameron.” I repeated hoping to re-jog her memory. She stared at me. “So do I call you a nickname? Do I have a nickname? Oh my god! Why can’t I remember this stuff?!” she covered her face with her hands.