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links :3

Okay so I'm really worried that they might shut this site down.
for those of you that care my tumblr is
and my deviantart is
those are pretty much the only two sites i ever use so if you want to contact me...yea.
even though MCR's over i really hope they don't take down the site T_T


It's over..

I just can't believe it.
I don't normally post very often but I just had to. After everything this band has helped me through and... it just ended.
I've also never been to any shows ever before so I was just hoping that maybe MCR would be my first show... I guess not.
I also hope I'm not the only person crying over this.. xD

Well, I know this will never reach them, but whatever.
Thank you MCR, for being there and helping me. I might be sad (a little TOO sad) that it had to end, but I'm just as happy that you existed in the first place.
You've created so many memories for me with your music,

bored, and this is stolen >:D

(wow, two posts in one day.. well this isnt really a bloggie, so.. xD)

001. Real Name → Christina
002. Nickname[s]→ Chrissy
003. Male Or Female → female
004. Elementary → finished >:D
005. Middle school → 8th grade peeps :3
006. High School → not yet
007. Hair Color → dark brown (for now... muahahah)
008. Long Or Short → short
009. Loud Or Quiet → loud with friends, quiet around other people
010. Sweats Or Jeans → jeans
011. Phone Or Camera → camera ^-^
012. Health Freak → not at all xDD
013. Drink Or Smoke? → neither :O
014. Do You Have A Crush On Someone? → mehhhh
015. Eat Or Drink? → drink

hello everyone :D

hai guys! i haven't been able to post for a while, school's kinda been taking up most of my time :L it's not fun.
well i figured i'd come on and say hi, so how is everyone? i hope good. ^-^
lets see.. algebra is boring, i have a book report due sometime in october, and the science fair project to work on. fun :L
hmm.. i only knew like two kids in my class this year, and i met one kid and he starting talking to me because he liked my adventure time shirt xD
oh, and i'm officially the most unfit person in the world.

happy birthday mikey!! :3

hahah happy 32nd dude! you've been such an inspiration to all of us we love you! ^-^


i feel like ronald mcdonald's long lost cousin...


hahah yeah. i dyed my hair red. ^.^ its a lot more vibrant in person. like gerards hair when it was red :D

i feel like im posting too many pictures of myself o.o

well anyway, i wish you could see that i was totally rocking knee high rainbow socks xDD

lol im very happy ^.^
~Chrissy :D

Happy Late Birthday -to myself-

(well at least i'd like to consider 13 a teenager xD)
yea my birthday was actually yesterday but uhh... lets just pretend its the 16th i guess... (dont judge :P)
hahah yea i got a bunch of video games (the original legend of zelda game :O, plus a link to the past, majora's mask, and ocarina of time... and assassin's creed: brotherhood) and a LEGEND OF ZELDA T-SHIRT OMG
lol sorry im a zelda freak ^.^

random but my favorite song right now is a match in the water by pierce the veil
totally buying collide with the sky with my birthday money xD

okee then byee<3

Majestic Blonde Hair!? :O

yuppers i ish now a blonde. well, not really. idk if you can tell in the picture but the bottom layer is still brown ^_^
lol i love it so much!! xD
it looks a little yellow in the picture though... the lightings a little weird -.-
btw sorry about my uglyness in that picture hahah
lol i really like my hair though.
like so. freaking. much. xD

~Chrissy ^-^

On The Brightside

I met a man of two feet tall, this man was quite ambitious in a world that is so vicious to us all.
I said "hi," as he replied, he said "listen to these words that i have lived by my whole life.

You're only as tall as your heart will let you be and you're only as small, as the world will make you seem. When the going gets rough, and you feel like you may fall, just look on the brightside, you're roughly six feet tall."

favorite song by NeverShoutNever. lol i've been listening to a lot of them lately ^_^

(and the two feet tall thing reminded me of Frank :P xD)

~Adrenaline Angel

ONE11 ^_^

I've been listening to them for about a year, they're just so awesome xD
they aren't that famous yet, but they deserve to be
they're MCR fans too ^_^

~Adrenaline Angel