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Whats your guys fave movies???? Mine are Ferrus Bueller's Day Off and The Wedding Singer XD


I was a-wondering if anyone here likes Lady Gaga? I used to but lately Im really not feeling it. I am selling my t-shirt on eBay right now and would love you forever if you placed a bid! It is under ***AWESOME LADY GAGA T-SHIRT FREE SHIPPING*** :D


TODAY IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!! I was reading the MCR news and I saw the Honda Civic Tour with Blink-182 and MCR and I was like "two of my all-time fave bands? ON THE SAME TOUR?" so i scrolled through the dates thinking "Oh come on! I've been patient! Lemme have this pleaaaassse!" and sure enough...they are stopping at a town only an hour away from me!!! YES! VICTORY!! Is anyone else OOBER excited?!?!?!?!


Okay today we had a track and field day thang. And one of the "activities" was a race. We had hand towels that we had to dunk in a kitty pool filled with water and then we had to run to a bucket and ring it out and the first person to get their bucket full won....well i got disqualified for doing a running dive into the kitty pool...SOOOOOOO worth it!!


HEY KILLJOYZ! I was wondering if anyone here is a fan of We The Kings? I made a blog post the other day about it but posted the blog before i got to ,y point :P. Well I have two WTK shirts on eBay right now and it would totally make me sooooooo happy if someone bid on one of them! They are both XS and one of them is a guys and one a girls.


Hey Killjoys!!! Is anyone here a fan of the band We The Kings?????

Teeheehee XD

Im currently listening to 96.5 the buzz cuz my mom isnt here (she hates the buzz) XD

MCR on American Idol???

Has anyone noticed that they play SING quite a bit on American Idol???
I luvs it :D

That 70's Drawing

Hey Guys I was thinkin the other day that I should draw all the guys from That 70's Show sooooooooo i drew Eric and thought he was pretty good but wanted some feedback from my fellow killjoys :D so tell me what ya think and shoot me a friend request! :D

***Okay sorry its sideways!! Silly Me XD...and if ya klik on it it will get bigger***


Hahaha...I went MCR on my pig XD...I drew Gerard's mask on him, Keep runnin on his legs, put MCR in his ears, put the black widow and party posion pics on 1 side, his name (Danger Pig) on the other side, and you cant see it but i put good luck on his butt :D

Tell me whatcha think!!!