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Nothing special just me bearing my soul

Okay here it goes so I’m starting Uni in a matter of weeks to study a nursing degree and loads of people are coming up to me saying “congratulations you must be so excited.” Of course I say. But I’m really not. I can honestly say I’m not excited at all. Now don’t get the wrong idea I want to go Uni, because I want to become a nurse. But I am so scared of going because I have real trouble making friends. During primary school I had a large group of friends and was really confident and loud, but that all changed when I went to secondary school. I was so stupid and naive at the start.

Welcome to the Black Parade sketch

Just a little sketch which I drew from the picture on the Black Parade CD cover and im quite proud of it :)

My wolf sketch

Hiii so this took me seven hours to draw and I think its pretty good :)

Afraid of the truth that the silence speaks

They've taken my bullets, my revenge has failed, I can't keep up with the black parade, my mask has been stolen my killjoy name silenced and my conventional weapons aren't firing.

I hate early mornings :(

Having to wake up at 6:30am on a sunday morning to go to work :( I work in a supermarket but what I dont understand is why anybody would want to shop at 9:45am on a sunday morning. On the plus side for two hours before the shop opens I get to listen to my ipod :) which makes working so much better until your caught playing air guitar in the middle of the aisle by your manager.

friend or enemie they both sound the same

You really do find out who your true friends are by those who are always there for you and those who only care when they can be bothered.

Love is just another word for pain

Falling in love with the perfect boy
And he's in love with your best friend

Always second best
Always the third wheel
Just a friend
Never enough

Cant compare
To her
Little miss perfect
The girl with no demons in her past

Holding in tears
Pain turning to rage
But I cant be angry
All's fair in love and war

Keeping my secret hidden
Cant lose you both
Silent tears shed in darkness
Hidden by a smile

I love you
But you love her

Love is just another word for pain

A day of remembrance

"That's if you've still got one that's left inside that cave you call a chest"

Eleven years has past but we will never forget the horrific events that took place on the day 9/11. Our thoughts are with the families and friends who lost their loved ones.

There not just words

You say something just simply say somthing. Not to me or anyone really, you just say it. But what you dont realise is how what you said effected me. Now I cant stop thinking about it, my self esteem already low. I look at myself in the mirror and my old ways of thinking come back. Becuase I know im not perfect so I start to make drastic decisions to try and change that.