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I hate..

I hate:
Mom and dad
My "friends"
My neighbour
I hate this house, this place this town!

Whats wrong with me?

OK, In september I took contact with My biological father Idar(I live with My kom My steph farger I usually call him dad and My 3 siblings) , after I added him on facebook he gave me a loooooooong letter about how Much he'd missed me.( he last saw me When I was about 7 months).Our conversations as about me, him, and we just godt known to eachother. Now he blocked me on facebook and Im so irritated, sad, angry and so man ny questions is running throug My head.
"Why did he"
"Did I say something?"
Right now i miss My knife, but I have hid it on the attick,(My little sisters room is under the

Happy New year and goodbye shity meemories.

Just wanted to say Happy New Hear to everybody!(although it was six hours ago).
And ofcorse say goodbye to the bad shit.