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Life on Mars? - David Bowie

I just love this.
This is the song I'm currently learning on piano and it's a real challenge. I'll still be learning Nocturne in Eb Major on the side. I finally got Victor's Piano Solo from The Corpse Bride down so yay. I learned Fake Your Death the day after it came out in about an hour (haha i have no life). I'm still working on relearning Asleep by The Smiths, but i haven't really put much time into that one.
Anyone else here play piano?

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It's always the same thing.
Over and over again.

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Vampires, Ghosts, and...Light Sabers? (drawing)

Here ya go sorry :P

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Vampires, Ghosts, and...Light Sabers?

Comments and criticism will be greatly appreciated.
(Did I even spell light saber correctly?)

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i drew something

If you can tell me what movie this is from then you're amazing!
The movie is in spanish.
This is onr of the main characters.
The other main characters name is Maru.
Those are your hints.
Now tell me what movie it is anf you're amazing.
If you havent seen this movie then sit your ass down and watch it.
Its awesome.

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i am sorry

Um hey
Sorry for not really being here for a while now.
Sorry for not messaging you guys that I message.
I've been very shitty lately.
I feel bad.
Like really bad.
Really sad...
And upset...
A lot of the time.
I was walking and I just dropped everything and crouched down on the floor feeling terrible.
When my mom picked me up I just layed down in the back of the car and burst into tears
Icouldnt stop until hours later.
I want it all to go away.
I want it to come back.
But I guess its too much to wish for
I don't deserve it either anyway
I want to talk to you guys I talk to but I feel like a bother
I'm sorry

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I barely saw this (sorry) but thank you

LisaGW wrote:
I made this blog for you because you are in my heart and I care how you feel
You are one of the reasons why I'm happy to be here in this community, I'm happy to have met you and that you write me <3

I will never lose you, you are so important for me <3

Love you <3

p.s. please never forget MCRmy are a family and we hold together, no matter what will happen <3

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Last Drawing of 2013

Red and Blue

Comments and criticism will be appreciated.

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I've never really seen the start of a new year as a new start. Life just keeps going on continuously with no time frames. Although I do want to say that this year might end with me believing I'm going to be okay. I recently started talking with someone I've been missing very much again. I hope we can continue with this. I've had a terrible year. From start to finish. There are a couple of good memories that were made, but I feel everything was overshadowed by the bad. I've been really sad this whole year. Feeling hopeless and trapped. I started doing some things I regret and I found out some stuff about myself that I'm very self conscious about. It's been a very difficult year for me with the depression and the anxiety, but I'm glad to say that I end the year with hope in my heart that I'll be okay. I'd like to thank Death Rocket for that. I've been feeling slightly better these last few days because of her. So if you ever read this I thank you. You help me in ways no one else can.

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just so ya know

to the people i talk to on here
im here everyday
i just isolate myself a bit when times are tough so im sorry
ive been having a hard time
ill message you as soon as i can