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There is Something really pure about people who listen to music

day 3, 2013

Written by, Little Birdie

"there is something pure about people who listen to music," -Gerard Way
The pure in music giving us that insanity about life, how to cope, how to depend, how to love, hate, cry, smile, and yell YES WORLD I DARE YOU TO TRY AND OWN ME! Something pure is given to everyone when they listen to that sweet melody, that voice of their hero's or even the ones that are past still give us wise wisdom of words.

There is something pure about people who listen to music, No one is pure, no one is perfect and that why we turn to music, to have that sense once we were

"We Have One Chance To Live, One Chance To Make It Happen."

Day 2, 2013

Written By: Phenelope Nowak

"We have one chance to live, one chance to make it happen." Gerard is right.... we have one Chance to make ourselves Extraordinary people, but why do we sit behind a computer? are we totally afraid to find that extraordinary thing in our lives?
Many of you will problay think.... Well aren't you doing the same thing? wrong, I only get on enough to write a blog, to write hopefully a piece that will be a master piece to somebody, hopefully I have somebody who reads this and think "gosh, she right."
I had waken and seen the world, I seen the world out of

"Don't Hold Back"

Day 1, 2013

Blog title is: "Don't Hold Back"

Written by: Phenelope Nowak
Tumblr: Wickedbird7026
Twitter: Wickedbird7026
Xbox Live: Wickedlettebird
(games: l4d, l4d 2, Halo 4)
Nickname: Wickedbird, or Little Birdie

Hello, I'm Phenelope Nowak, Today I am starting a blog, If you had read my profile which I hope you did, you will understand I am a very truthful person, I may sound like a bitch, But I am a sweetheart, My dear old friends call me Mama bear. I am a very open and that is why I start with a quote from Gerard Way "Don't Hold Back."
Gerard was right, Don't hold back, why hold