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mcr over or not

I dont think this is there last, they have a studio lf there own anf just like Franks post when it came to not making music it made him depressed. I hope they continue on there epic journey, they once believed that they have made there diffrences that they wantex to make but I believe there is work still to be done. Comeon my chemical romance I believe we all have faith in you keep on going strong

help art runs threw my veins it like my drug to happiness and if I stop doing it I get sick. I put my name out there I want to be noticed so I can make diffrence.too. Im currently.going to college taking whatever art classes I can get ahold of. So can any one tell me what career I can get into that.will let me do that.I want my name and adtwork out there I want to show people how amazing you can be and how far it can take you. I posted pics of some of my drawings.

in celebration of franks blog today

Congrats guys on the unveiling on your. Songs I drew this as a gift enjoy!


just recently heard the term yolo. you only live once, and have heard that people are going crazy doing crazy things over it. in my opionin it means you only live once so make somting of it. just saying

when i was young

I remember today so very clearly. sitting there watching the towers collapse one then the other. my heart stopped beating that day, for that one moment. I love you guys stay brave stay strong

a little sample of a book I am writing

Jimmy had a way of getting to me. He always found the hotest spots on my boby that made my blood boil. He made me so angry sometimes, often I hated it, but sometimes I thrived on it. He challeneged me in a whole new way that made me want more. Jimmy in a short summary was anything but boring. He stood out like a shooting star lighting things on fire as he passed by, so talented and so outstanding.
He had a way with people, persuasion, always gets what he wants. As charismatic as he was to me he was like parasite but in some ways I fed off of him too.

another drawing

i know its not my chemical romance but a jared leto drawing is sometimes and acception

that moment in your life

Hey guys,
So who has had that one relationship when the person you love leaves? I'm pretty sure 99.9 % have. The other day a person who I have loved dearly who told me long ago that they had no more use of me and that I was nothing and had left came back. He told me he wished that he had never said those things and would want me to be in his life. That I was his greatest treasure in life. At first I didn't know what to say. Then I was angry then I calmed down and just thought about it.

malfuction time!

ok due to the recent malfunction of my kindle fire it had me believe that it would not allow me to post any blogs, so sorry about the three different virsions of the same thing.

art is my inspriration

So reading gerardvways background him being an artist and people and faith for humanity has inspired him and countless others. So I drew these last couple of drawings for a huge thank you Gerard way you inspire me. I know many have made drawings like this but what is a million and one more!