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so. yeah. doesnt look like im going to smashing pumpkins. i am so disappointed its not funny. i dont think ive been this bummed for a while. so yeah. im very sad.
*creative killjoy name which i havent bothered to think up here*

oh cool bro

That's it.
I got a text from my friend yesterday telling me about The Smashing Pumpkins concert in August. I was so excited and she said she would come so I asked my mum and she said yes so i was SO excited that I might be losing my concert virginity. TO THE SMASHING PUMPKINS.
(same band as Mikey, juuuusstt saying....)
anyway, so we were like ok we're gonna go buy Oceania and prepare ourselves for their new stuff and get ready for this.
This morning, she's unsure she wants to go because she just got permission from her parents for something else and because "it's like a concert, you know?"

oh yeah

idk if ive already said this before, website is at crawling speed at the mo.

so a couple of weeks ago it was mufti day (where we get to wear normal clothes instead of a uniform) at school and this girl walked past me. my friend nudged me and her t shirt was like those i <3 NY shirts but instead it said MCR.

i was like holy shit, and then went up to her and was like OMIGOSH u like mcr thats so cool so do i!

her reply: oh, it actually stands for manchester.

me: ooo. sorry!
*le died inside*


awkward moment where im in a country where gerards birthday was yesterday.

This is a question to new zealand mcrmy, etc.

is it just me or is the state insurance ad song REALLY REALLY AAWWEESSOMMEE?

i mean, not all the stuff happening to the singers in it, but the song is really catchy!!!!!!

or is it just me. probably XD

happy birthday btw gee, ive already spammed my twitter (which u need to get ur arse on btw) with birthday messages, so yah.

oh and happy easter!!!!!!


[insert creative killjoy name here] ~ dont judge, all the ones i thought of were taken :L

peace and


just in kmart and theres this whole stall dedicated to kinda sorta long tshirts with american states and cities on them.

theres a pink one for new york
a yellow one for california
a red one for las vegas
a green one for brooklyn
a blue one for texas.

oh however will i choose between them????


i think its working

well i emailed the support team on the website after my rant, and from what i saw just now, it seems to be alot better.

today is def not my week, managed to get a cold in the middle of summer, mind you, its not exactly a beautiful summer, i was supposed to be going to see reece mastin at sylvia park today, but all me friends are eiether not allowed or busy. dont really want to go by myself coz im bracing myself for a ww3 break out. u dont believe me?

picture about 5000 screaming teenage girls bundled together into a warehouse (and not just an empty one, you can shop in it too) for two hours,


well, i come home from a stressful day at school, looking forward to spending time on this website and see what other killjoys are doing...

so i click onto zone 6 and......


i come to share my thoughts and read about other mcr fans, i come to keep updated about what is happening with my favourite band in the world.

its annoying, insulting to us and not fair when zone 6 is loaded with people who are constantly flooding the website with spam.

i DONT come on to read about new handbags, or cheap laptops, or

which one should i choose???

okay, im having a dillema here.

shall i go to florence and the machine, jessie j, lady gaga, evanescence, or hold out until mcr ONE DAY comes to nz??????

im not really into jessie j and florence and the machine at the mo, but it would be my first concert and i want it to be a good one.

ima just do this.

[] You're born in April
[x] You've been addicted to alcohol and/or drugs (CAFFIENE IS A DRUG PEOPLE)
[x] You're a born leader
[x] You love drawing and you do it well
[X] You love singing (tho i completely suck XD)
[] You're afraid of needles
[x] You call your friends with their last names instead of their first names
[] You've got siblings and you love them (thats discriminating against only children!!!! :P)
[] You've set up your own band. (i put half an x coz we didnt play any music LOL XD)
[x] You don't play guitar well.
[] You're writing songs.
TOTAL: 6/11



we're learning about space in science. i hate it. it scares the shit out of me coz they keep explaning how one day the sun will explode and how theres billions and billions of galaxies with lots of other solar systems and planets and suns and whatever.

i was quite happy living my life oblivious to these facts, thank you very much.

the only good part is that we get to use the word Planetary alot...


and i also realised with the help of my friends that our schools initials are the bomb.