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to the one whose dreams have fallen all apart

Because love

birthday pickle

I really enjoyed scrolling down this page to read everyone's blogs and seeing pickle,after pickle, after pickle...
I hope Lonestar is doing well and she had a happy birthday.

Fat fingered bullies are no match for me

I don't ordinarily listen to this type of music but this song has been kicking my ass over and over again. I can appreciate the lyrics, especially when she said "I'm not the runt of the litter, fat fingered bullies are no match for me..."
Excuse me. I have to get back to physically abusing the repeat button.

They're back. Check out AFI-17 crimes

Check this out

Gerard speaks out

Has anybody else seen this interview. Check it out.
Gerard is talking about balancing music, comics, and being a dad.
I know we all wish him the best and we are very happy for him (even though we all miss them).

sitting at the weird kids' table with lonestar

I remember being in school and always sitting at the table with the weird kids. We were a large group who defended each other from bullies and leaned on each other for support. Middle school, high school, made no difference. Find my friends at the weird kids' table and fit right in. Suddenly this short, chubby, pimple-faced kid sprouted a few inches, lost some weight, and his acne cleared up - over one summer. Not so awkward any more. But I was committed to the weird kids' table because I bonded with those people. I was comfortable there. I had always fit in.


Wow. Thanks for breathing new life into this site with your challenge.
I would like to take a moment to brag about the weather here in central Texas. We hit 100 degrees again. The AC at my office can't keep up with the Texas heat. It's not going to be cooling down anytime soon. I just looked at the forecast. That's life.
Stay cool, everybody.

I'm in nerd heaven!

Like Star Wars? Like Shakespeare? Why not combine them? YES! Use thee thine force.

AFI is back. check this out!

Have you guys seen this!

too tired to sleep. have you ever had that problem?

Have you ever been so exhausted that it isn't even comfortable to sleep. I got up, made some scones and coffee, and now I'm getting sleepy. I guess the coffee is giving me the energy to sleep! Hey! These scones are pretty tasty! Good night, friends.