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I need to get a poncho like Gerard's!!!!


Feeling like crap, I'm having a cold and I'm starting to feel really ill now... Headace, fever, tired, sore muscels and I'm sneezing all the time... Its summer, I don't want to be ill :'/

I'm hungry, tried and bored. So here we go!!

1. This is seriously going to get personal, you ready? Yeah
2. If you were caught cheating, would you fess up? Think so...
3. The last time you felt honestly broken? Last week, to much work and some stuff going on.
4. Are you craving something? FOOD!!! Like the pizza and the pie my mum is making!! And a coke :'D
5. If you could have one thing right now what would it be? My best friend :)
6. Would you rather have ten kids, or none? Honestly, 10. I love kids. Rather have 10 than none!!
7. What do you hear right now? How I met your mother and mum in the kitchen.
8. Is your bed against more than

ray gun :)

The colors is quite fucked up in this pic (gonna take better ones when the pain has dried) it is really bright red, cherry and black... xD but i think i'm ready to kill some Dracs now!! :D

Maxieboii <3

Me and my brother are home alone, I have been working a 9 hours shift in really hot weather and when I came home Max (older brother) had bought me 2 alcoholic ciders. We have been sitting in the twilight drinking and talking. So nice ^^

the only thing to do!!!

A hot lazy midmorning before work+ tea+ alone at home+ a lot of cardbord+ mcr= Toxic Shadow is making her very own ray gun!!!! :D i'll post the result later ^^

someone get me to the doctor...

I had so much to write about, then i went on here and everything was gone. Hate when that happens -.-
Can tell you that I like a guy I shouldn't like (:'o) that I don't like family gatherings, that I'm tired, that I should write on my fanfiction and that this was a compleatly unnecessery blog! ^^'' Over and out! xoxo Toxic Shadow

I love this picute!!

and i'm to tired to find it in my document... (print screan <3) I love that everytime i start my computer i see Gerard!! :) <3


I wanna be in love again.... My best friend and another of my friends hooked up and i kinda feel so damn lonely and it got me thinking -.- just because she told me about this...
Thing is I met this amazing guy some weeks ago and I'm kinda falling for him. And what it seems he kinda likes me too. I didnt realize that I felt something for him until we stopped talking over msn (he has just dissapeared) -.-
If he wasn't 16 and lived fucking far away I would have been a happy girl but... urrgh I miss having a boyfriend, I miss the phone calls late at night, I miss the romantic weekends, I miss

this is fabulous. ehrm I mean AWSOME!

My brother showed me this :D