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There was a wonderful Killjoy by the name of LisaisaUnicorn who posted a very sad blog entry saying "goodbye." WE CANNOT LET THIS HAPPEN!!!!! I SAY WE SIGN THIS AND REPOST TO SHOW HOW MUCH WE CARE ABOUT HER AND WANT HER TO CONTINUE LIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love her and she should not even THINK about EVER taking her life!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Signatures! <3

1:BulletproofRevenge (LOVE YOU! STAY STRONG!)

MCRmy's always there for you!


This was a while back...

But Swedish high school graduation is (and was) awesome!! The first pic is me and my sign with my 'baby picture' (i was five but yeah) and my brother was pissing me off thats why i give him the finger xD. Second is my class and the last one is at my reception me and my best friend <3


Yay. I'm having migraine next week, or I'm having my period next week, and with that comes migraine for me. Birthcontrollpills are a blessing and a curse. You are able to postpone the period, awesome if you really can't have that effin headace. But it is fucking curse to know that I'm gonna be knocked out for real on Thuesday, and it is gonna be a huge one this time to *cries* yeah i wanted to complain :')

vampire money

Yayayyayayayay I checked my economy and I just found out that last month pay has arrived :D SCORE!!! It is earlier than I expected and I'm so happy, I'm fucking rich!! 4000 SEK (around 400 euro) for a week of work is nice!

Today was my last day at work and I'm actually gonna miss the old ones a lot and i'm gonna miss my coworkers too, because they have been extremly nice to me!


So the school year started again today, not for me though apparently us seniors (yes I'm back even if I kinda graduated before the summer, had some subjects left to read, doing it in four years instead of three -.-) are scaring the freshmens mahahahhahaha. I start on friday, my work period ends at friday. So call in sick the first they of school or earn around 900 SEK? (around 90 euro) xD
I was biking home from work a moment ago and when I had around a mile left the sky opened up and it started to rain as hell, i was soaking wet, I could barely get off my skinny jeans xD
For some reason I

should i?

I was looking at a bookstores wedsite (swedish) and I saw that they finally had both Apocalypse Suite and Dallas... And I wanna buy it.. should I spend almost the last money I have on the umbrella academy now or wait until the 27th when I get my paycheck? >.< I wanna have it noooooow!!!

Anyone that could fill me in?

Uhm yeah, hi!*waves* When I went on the site this morning(swedish time) there were alot of blogging about Chris and Danny and that son of a bitch user (compleatly forgot the user name but I hope you get who I mean anyway). Then I had to get to work -.- and now I'm woundering if someone can fill me in? Like if the ones that went to Chris place ever got inside to talk to him? I'm worried here!! :s

I don't know if you like her...

But I love P!nk.. I just love this song, it goes straight to my heart!


Why can't you just go online so I could talk to you?? Just for a while! I miss you like hell :(

Wow time goes by so fast!!

And now Gerard has been sober and clean for 7 years!! That's amazing and I couldn't have been more proud of you! I love you! <3